June 30th, 2005


This will be interesting to watch. What will they do?
Review all things again?
Turn It off? one of these projects that became a problem I would guess. It is unsurprising: When I discussed things them they seemed to have not a real understanding about the world out there. I had some concerns about hosting contents. And they basically had no answers. Nor did they seem to understand the problem. Those were in my case no copyright related. I think that
google is just a bunch of engineers that can not look further than beyond the warm and fuzzy feeling that they made something work. Which they do. And often is amazing. I love them for that.
But it also does not surprise me that they release something as immature as Any new company would be dead from day one if they would behave like has so far.

microsoft asks what they should do

June 29th, 2005

ok it’s only Scoble

I would go back to “Independence the movie” when that Alien presses the unshaved scientiest against the glas. And answer along those lines “I want you to go out of business”.

Sorry, but Microsoft left this really bad trail in the history of technology while they could. I don’t see why we should tolerate their existence. Once the power game has flipped against them. Which has not happened yet. OK, Longhorn is the most unexiciting Operating System annonuncement. They needed to through something like RSS in. Which is pathetic:

RSS is one potential way of letting information flow. The point is that information wants to just do that: flow. Now we have the bandwidth, and there will be more tools. But putting RSS into the OS is like making a car that can perform really well when you drive around an New York intersection. RSS is ok right, I hope it will be replaced added on by the people quickly for whatever direction it needs to go. Nice for M$ to come up with the Version 2. Those Microsoft ’standards’ are bad enough if it comes to web pages. I think they really caused enough harm for one company. Right now they should just merge with Sun and look inwards for synergy for ten yours or so, till they are both history.

Around the world in 100 Links

June 28th, 2005

BlogsNow got it’s first ’special view’ today. I mentioned it before, but this is the first sign of it: I rewrote BlogsNow in Version 2 also to be able to whip up quick views that I feel might be interesting. Google Maps is an amazing web application. And, of course all the images being out there people will find interesting views and share them in their blogs. BlogsNow simply lists the most prominent ones. As usual millions of bloggers will collect some collective filter that is somewhat interesting. Since longitude and latitude coordinates do not mean much to most of us, I listed the closest airports instead.

and there goes Pakistan

June 28th, 2005


book recomendation

June 28th, 2005

decent intro book about quicktime

the chicken was last year

June 27th, 2005

this year it is a falling chick

disturbing use of flash technology if you ask me.

google video

June 27th, 2005

google video is out today. In order to see the clips you need a googlified VLC player. Only for windows. Of course. Like everything from google.

With the title: modifier, you should find clips from a specific show. So I tried this for title: daily show and found a very good segment. It’s nice, but there is only one clip form the daily show in google video?

So I tried to look for jon stewart crossfire. A little bit of secondary information, but the actual event is not in there.
Looking in the normal and text based google: no problem, just found what I was looking for.

Looking in Videos for daft punk I find a commercial from Apple, a clip from some some kids and two unrelated spot.

I does amaze me: Text google is so great since it handles the long tail so well. But is lightyears away of being able to send me to clips that I would care about. It is surprising that they release something as immature. I don’t think that does understand the brave new world of broadband connections out there. Which is surprising, since it is all pretty much based on the text based google system.

Sometimes one cubicle does not know what the other one does.

Speaking of cubicles
this link
would bring you to a recruting video of theirs. It’s pretty boring the whole thing, the end however is quiet revealing.

Would you want to work for this guy?

those are his shoes.

Ballmer: Google in their last throes

June 27th, 2005

Steve Ballmer says that MSN will be at par with google in six months. I wonder if they will run linux by then as well …

time on kcrw

June 26th, 2005

KCRW one of the better things of living in LA.

I said so before: I am not sure if I still would live partially in LA, if there would not be any KCRW.

but Alice Cooper says

June 26th, 2005

Alice Cooper knows better.

Is the mindset of Mr. Cooper a majority in the USA?

interactive map

June 26th, 2005

of iraq

oh no!

June 25th, 2005

shark attacks were also dominating the news in September 1 - 10 2001.

A Terrror attack would help GWB ratings probably more than the capture of OBL.

today on the internet:

June 25th, 2005


good morning.


simple and true

June 25th, 2005

this NY Times editorial
is short and very much on the point.

If you believe in this administration and its war you kind of are a person believing that the earth is flat. Let’s stay in the picture for a second:

Before the Iraq war you could have argued that Christopher just returned, but maybe it was not India he came from.

But now you are sitting in a 747 circling the globe. Sure somehow you could still argue that the world is flat. But it gets harder.

this is how crazy they are

June 25th, 2005

I had no idea what kind of nutcase John Ashcroft was

postfix or qmail

June 24th, 2005

ok, the ‘bat book’ and sendmail are seriously weird and scary. So years ago I chewed my way through a qmail install. It was allot of work. It was strange. it ended up to be working, but I was not looking forward to doing it again. I looked what people hat to say about other MTAs. Some people mentioned postfix, but there was a back and forth about qmail and postfix.

Then I lost some email. That is motivation enough.

I tried postfix. I thought it would take hours, like it did with qmail.
Instead it took minutes.

Postfix is so much nicer than qmail for the casual mail hoster,
it is unbelievable. qmail? shiver. Don’t even bother. postfix is it.


June 24th, 2005

made us pay for our bagels

interesting article, sorry for the skewed and misleading link.
could not resist.

what would she say about it?

June 24th, 2005

i hope this is not true

whatever happened to:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.


says who

June 24th, 2005

I have to tell you. It's just a great time in my life. I'm really happy. And, you know, I'm engaged. I'm going to be married. I can't restrain myself.

who would have said this?

the answer

Next role: “Battlefield Earth II” which goes straight to dvd and will be sold out to the deciples within three minutes.

Wordpress: what’s there not to like

June 24th, 2005

I am running a slightly modified Kubrick theme here. Looks ok, one day I get rid of the rounded corners.

One thing that bothered me (and some other people) was that links were not working in Archives or categorized entry display.

The fix was as easy as surprising:

Just remove the handling of archive’s and wordpress will default to the normal display. I feel that is nicer any way: Having one constient style for you blog. Not sure what I overlook. In case you like to have links working in category view just do the equivalent of:

cd wp-content/themes/default
mv archive.php not.archive.php

Looks like it works.

eleven seconds

June 23rd, 2005

Consumers today encounter from 3,500 to 5,000 marketing messages per day, vs. 500 to 2,000 in the 1970s, says J. Walker Smith, president of consumer and marketing watcher Yankelovich.

from USA today

the duke of count says:
assuming you are awake for 16 hours that means you get a new
marketing message every eleven seconds.

the duke of count

June 23rd, 2005

Over the last ten years you had a bigger chance of being struck by lightning in the USA then get killed by a terrorist attack.

Don’t get me wrong: Every live lost is an unmeasurable catastrophy.

Not all people that get struck by lightning will die. Lightning killed more people than terror in the US over the last forty years maybe.
Assuming seventy three deaths a year by lightning.

It would be funny if I would get struck by lightning after writing this.

playstation 3

June 23rd, 2005

the new list of super computers is out

I must admit I can not visualize a ‘teraflop’ or ‘gigaflop’ etc.

The BBC writes that in order get this year into the list of the 500 fastest computers you need to have 1.1 Teraflops. Last year 850 gigaflops were enough.

somewhere else the BBC writes that the Sony playstation 3 will have 218 gigaflops.

In other words: if you would be able to ‘gaffer tape’ four playstations 3 together then you have more power than the 500 fastet computer on the planet last year.

Somehow the top500 list has different numbers than the BBC. Still, the last one looks like a monster: 184 Power4 CPUs.

Somewhere else I read that a “Blue Gene” with 300 Terraflops would cost 100 Million US.

If you would pay the same for your flops in the Playstation 3, then you would need to shell out 72,666 US$ for that console.

72,466 should buy you allot of gaffer tape. Or Sony made those Gigaflop numbers up.

let’s revisit last year

June 23rd, 2005

whatever happened to this ?

There were neither arrests, nor were there any attacks.
Did those bad guys retire to florida?

BlogsNow gets ads

June 22nd, 2005

BlogsNow runs now ads.
I think one on the top is not too much.

Let’s see how this works out.


June 22nd, 2005

a very nice piece by Adib Fricke

Sorry, but I think you need to know a little bit of german for this one.

BlogsNow and the others

June 22nd, 2005

I made a little overview about meme tracking tools

It looks as BlogsNow is one of the internets best kept secrets.


June 21st, 2005

blogpulse reading along those key phrases and you get an idea what th average Joe did yesterday.

the king is dead, long live the king

June 21st, 2005

blogsnow Version 1 has been turned off. 16 months of solid service. Many hours of coding. People loved it, but now its offline.

Version 2 is the new black. The DNS will be switched right I after I saved this entry. And the rest is history.
Yes, there is stuff missing in Version 2, but on the other side it does update quicker than you can read through it.
Try it.

some blog entries

June 21st, 2005

are worth linking to even one week after they came out.


June 21st, 2005

who is cloaking: nothing less than the financial times.

As usual Wikipedia explains best what
a certain term stands for.

what your website might be worth

June 21st, 2005

Mtv paid 160 Million US$ for Neopets
with an Alexa rank of 81

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

the ever changing

June 21st, 2005

mission in Iraq.

I’d say that he wants to be loved by his dad. He wants to show his dad that he can do thing, that his dad could not. Sounds crazy, but unfortunately this war is nothing short of being crazy.

katie holmes

June 21st, 2005

is probably a clone

How many did he have made?

this day barely has started

June 21st, 2005

and at half past one I alreadh have saved 20 minutes of tedious legacy research. thanks spotlight.


June 21st, 2005

somebody did reinvent the wheel

about time. Just that the world is full of little particles that are all waiting to get between the wheel and the bearing part. Too bad, since it does look somewhat different.

BlogsNow Version2 one step closer to being done …

June 21st, 2005

BlogsNow Version 2 is getting there.

For now I cut some corners and just put the super fresh data online in the old design.
There are still not more features like different views, but I have a plan for that.

It all should go pretty quickly now. The plot thickens …

the willing

June 20th, 2005


but since americans don’t know anything about other countries this looks like an impressive list to some …

not as simple as it seems

June 20th, 2005

games and guns

will this be in the next Austin Powers movie?

June 20th, 2005

A geeks bachelor pad:


only the BBC can start an stupid article with a sentence like “A simple brain scan …”

let’s call him …

June 20th, 2005


look who runs “Go Daddy”

June 20th, 2005

this is the blog of the founer of Go Daddy

via Metafilter

will not be this one

June 20th, 2005


is another attempt for people to use people to structure the vast amount of internet that is out there.

I am not so keen on outfoxed after looking at it for 7 seconds.

But this IS an area that await’s its solution.
Much like search before google.

Saddam and I

June 20th, 2005

have something in common: we both like Raisin Bran cereal.

Since nineteen month he is in captivity. Interesting PR gag that he get’s roled out now.

update: drudge chimes in.
update2: < a href=""> more at GQ


June 20th, 2005

of modern day ruins

two hundred spammers?

June 20th, 2005

in this text somebody claims that 200 people are responsible for 90% of all spam on the world.

Could we find them a job? Please.

I like the Nasa

June 19th, 2005

when they do useful things

Like trying to explain the moon illusion.

microsoft gets a shell

June 19th, 2005

they must be really trying hard to convince me to have a look at their operating system.

Nah, I’d say. I only looke every ten years. So keep on doing nice
things, in three years I will how far you got …


June 19th, 2005

"We went to war because we were attacked, and we are at war today because there are still people out there who want to harm our country and hurt our citizens,"

via Yahoo

this is insane. There is NO connection between Iraq and 9/11.
Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
But Mr B. likes to make one. Since with 9/11 you pretty much can justify anything.
Just there is no connection between that country that event.

you have been had.

June 19th, 2005

some poll data from 2003

After September “the eleventh” (as Mr. B likes to call that terrible day) americans put allot of flags on their cars. Mr B. had a cool approval rating, after all he promised to ’smoke them out’ those people that were behind the most shoking act of Terror in history.

That “War on Terror” stirred some strong emotions.
Those needed directions, so some people thought. And it worked:
When the War on Iraq started half of the people believed there were Iraqies in those planes. The war in Iraq became this part of the campaign on Terror. The former regime in Bagdhad was as bad as the one in North Korea or elsewhere in the world. Just that they had nothing to with the Terror act of Sept 2001 nor were there any real weapons of mass destrcutions that could be found.

With all this the american public would have no problem with.

As long as the US would have won the war. Officially they did so a very long time ago. Only problem is that the peace needs more soldiers and money than the war. And it’s not going anywhere.

There were always ‘milestones’ in the US view that would make things better: The hand over of sovereignity (done in a coup 24 hour before it was scheduled to dodge an onslaught of Terror) or the elections or the building of the government.

Americans like a success story. They like the winner. They were not winning in Vietnam, and they will not in Iraq.

the admnistation on Iraq: what they said …

June 19th, 2005

… back then and now

Still my favorite is that Rumsfeld compared Iraq with Post War Germany a couple of weeks after his Boss declared major combat of being over.
Somehow some people must have not gotten that memo.

since they can

June 19th, 2005

In case you really want to know when a famous person was born, you could also ask google:

just add ‘dob’ after their name.

It does make sense Google knows from what people are looking for. Cost them close to nothing to see how often people were looking for birthdays. So they just add it. The people will find,
eventually. There is just so many of them. They will find
everything. And then tell each other about it.

more at blognewschannel found via BlogsNow, of course.

The Cartwrights and the Riddler of Baghdad

June 19th, 2005

it’s worth the read

oh linux!

June 18th, 2005

… so I am installing some ancient linux (redhat 9) on some similar ancient hardware (don’t ask).

All goes well. Suddenly the install hangs. I follow the instructions to get rid of __db.* in /var/lib/rpm and do a rpm –rebuilddb only to get an error message:

error: db4 error(16) from dbenv->remove: Device or resource busy

Too me that sounds like something is broken. Tried it again, and it behaved the very same way. Since nothing is running on the machine I decided to reboot. Still the same error. Finally, I google for it, and find that this is ‘harmless’. “harmless” ? OK, why dosen’t the error message say so then?? This is just plain stupid. It would have taken the original coder 3 minutes to give people a little hint that this error is well, not an error. That it is ‘harmless’.

no more Kodak BW photo paper

June 18th, 2005

nothing really surprising

Just that I think I will ad an category “coming to a musuem near you” here.

it’s the law

June 18th, 2005

forty million credit card numbers walked out of a building somewhere.

The CC companies said there was so far no more fraud activity “beyond the ordinary”.

Lately there has been a flurry of reports. As the linked article explains there is a new California state law that requires businesses to notify their customes when their personal information has been exposed in a security breach. That explains allot.

audio cassette : finis

June 17th, 2005

the audio tape

remember what was on the first mix tape you made?
the first one you gave away as a gift?

If you should be that age.

From the above link:

Oddly, Philips did not charge royalties on their cassette patent, allowing numerous other companies to use their design for free. This ensured the quick acceptance of it as a new form of media.

Now isn’t that something that Sony (MiniDisc, MemoryStick etc) should read and read until they do understand it ?

and, of course, this commercial comes to mind

five short sentences

June 17th, 2005

C reported on his recent talks in Washington. There was a perceptible shift in attitude. Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.

“C” being Richard Dearlove, head of the UK MI6. The britisch version of the CIA. Nobody has denied that this quote is real.

The date being July 23 2002. At this time George Bush told everybody that the US would only go to war with Iraq if they would not disarm. And that war would be a ‘last resort’.

There is a contradiction here. And nobody looks to Mr. Dearlove for being the one not telling the truth.

This is important, since it is a matter of war and peace. War is a terrible thing. If you base it on lies then you need to be held responsible for it. Clinton got almost impeached for having bad taste in picking his mistress.

slogger + spotlight = bliss

June 17th, 2005

installing slogger on OS X is still a bit tricky. But now with
spotlight I think this will be great. Making my computer
remember things. That is a sound concept. Let’s see when
I run out of space …


June 16th, 2005

be surprised

how could I

June 16th, 2005

use computers for twenty years without spotlight.
I wanted it since three years, and it is nice that I did
not have to write it myself.


June 16th, 2005

is a software company

in their own words

June 16th, 2005

in their words

what a modern graphics card can do for you.

June 15th, 2005


BlogsNow Version2: next feature

June 15th, 2005

BlogsNow Version2 just got the next feature: und ‘blgs’ there is a list for a all the blogs linking to a given item.

what’s on the internet today

June 15th, 2005

no really.

good news ?

June 15th, 2005

I was worried about him

according to flickr

June 15th, 2005

fallingwater according to flickr.

flickr is worth every cent that yahoo paid for it.

google pushes

June 14th, 2005

they really like to get market share

what to drive in iraq

June 14th, 2005

the rhino is the ride that is hip these days.

sun goes open source (kinda)

June 14th, 2005

looking for bad words in Sun’s Solaris source code.

shopping cart

June 14th, 2005



June 14th, 2005

pushes it’s shopping cart through the internet and drops websites it’s passes in it
They have the money, and with the flickr purchase (or did I dream that) and wikipedia cooperation (since they can not buy it) have proven good taste.


June 14th, 2005

gotta love the onion

the rich are getting richer

June 14th, 2005

and even Alan Greenspan is not so cool with that anymore

When I step out of work I look at the parking lot of a well known director. I am not sure how many cars he does have. They change frequently. His poor dogs however still have to drive that souped up Lincoln Navigator. OK, they don’t drive the car, there is a driver for it. But the cars only purpose to haul those dogs around. They certainly don’t fit in any of the Ferrraris. I am sure the dog’s love those shiny Rim that probably cost as much as the entire education of some kid in Africa.

the other side of the tube

June 14th, 2005

while you are watching commercials for something this is what is going on

p&g TV ad spend

June 14th, 2005

Procter & Gamble will reduce their Ad spending by 25% for cable and 5% for terrestial TV.
Ad markets in general are slated to grow.
Procte & Gamble is one of the biggest advertisers in the world.

Below the line this means much less money for TV.

google video: muscling in

June 14th, 2005

of course all eyes are on google on this one. google is big, video will be big. 1+1 = 2. Easy to see for everybody. Yes? Kind of. The devil is in the detail. I think that google-video will not be that great.

Right now it is content driven. A real long tail market. And people expect content to be free. Google has the bandwidth and the server capacity. But for a publisher they have very very sketchy terms.

They think they don’t need to sort these things out. After all, they are google. Their Midas effect was never as it looked. All the projects that did not work out, simply dissappeared. Google Video might be one of them.

no more rewinds

June 14th, 2005

walmart stops selling VHS

I still remember when you could buy 15 different DVDs.

rewind on the rewind kind of

shower jesus

June 14th, 2005

whatever happened to the lincoln fry from the super bowl?


June 13th, 2005

google will eat itself

the big mac index

June 13th, 2005

the big mac index

[as we can See I like the dashboard blogging thing]

one image

June 13th, 2005


iraq war timeline

June 13th, 2005

the timeline of the iraq war

Anybody remembers that 70% of all US Amercians thought that Iraq was involved in 9/11. Despite the fact that there never has been any credible evidence.

g5 with an issue

June 13th, 2005

DVIsochComponent.c:1191: failed assertion `!(deviceDescriptionPtr->clock == 0)’

we use firewire to video bridges from Canopus. Lots of them, the ADVC 100 and 110 are quiet nice. Seem to work very reliably.

One of our G5s however stopped cooperating after we install 10.4.
The other G5 we have is fine, and so are all G4 based installtions.
If I would not have found this then I would think it would be a hardware bug. Like this it sounds like a 10.4.1 problem.

test post

June 13th, 2005

This would be a test post via the word press dash widget.

press F12. Blog. Return to work.



June 13th, 2005

I had been a while. I used skype again today, and I must say it works great. Right now there are 2.6 Million users online. Not bad.

George Bush wanted to go to war in Iraq the day he became elected. After 9/11 it was a done deal. Everybody knew that. But he denied it. He talked allot about a connection with 9/11 (not existant) or WMDs (not existant). Somewhere I saw a bumper sticker that read “Nobody died when Clinton lied”.

The Downing Street Memo’s are clear evidence that President Bush lied in matters of war and peace.
Thousands died, Billions were spent, and, yes, George sat in an Airplane that landed on an aircraft carrrier. “Mission Accomplished” it said on the banner behind him. That was years and hundreds of US casulties ago.

It is time for realities to catch up with George W Bush. I anticipate lots of disctractions. Maybe they even raise the thread alert to orange. Whatever happened to that little color system? After the election it seemed not to be needed anymore. Or have all Terrorists retired? Strange that we forget about that one. It will come back if needed, I am sure.

Apple? Apple will be a software company. OS X runs on Pentium. There will be a choice: Run Windows or run OS X. It is easy, once all the Applications exist as Pentium/PowerPC binaries. Drivers and all the legacy hardware? Apple will simply ignore that. Keep things simple. Just certain boards, busses and cards will be supported. But the variety in interfaces is declining anyway. Apple does not need 100% of the market. The more afluent 40% are good enough. For every hardware sell they loose they get 20 new OS X users. Those might not even buy the OS. But they will run iTunes, buy songs, and at some point movies.

It is really hard to find _anybody_ that gets excited about it.

misc links

June 12th, 2005

own a PC for six cents or pay nothing

china is smoking

this is worth a look

Online book sellers and travel sites took existing business models and adopted them online.
The next step was to come up with new businesses running by those old rules (lot’s of capital investment etc) but make
a new product, only possible on the internet. Think google or ebay.

The current wave goes one step further: craigslist and wikipedia replace existing established (online) businesses by
making use of the fact that the web allows you to run things tremendously cheap. Unbeatable.

Coming back to the link above: Somebody has to do this micropayments.

BlogsNow Version 2: Preview Version live

June 12th, 2005

The first public page of BlogsNow Version 2

The link above will go to a preview page of BlogsNow Version2. It is just the latest links. BlogsNow Version2 became a complete rewrite. None of the old code or data has been used. Just the experience.

BlogSpam is one of the biggest issues for a Meme Tracker like BlogsNow. Rigth now it looks as if 25% of all active blogs are spam. Created by programs, not people. Created to make a quick bug for somebody somewhere.

It was an interesting mental excercise to spend so much coding time on this subject. My spontanous reaction to ’spam’ is that I really hate it. I hate the concept to create huge damages for many people just so that very few have a little financial gain. But being furious is not a good mental state to write code in. At least not for me. So I had to get over it, and just
turn it off. It looks as if it works right now.

Since spam filtering works I could include hosted blogs in BlogsNow Version 2 again. Which is nice,
since there are jsut so many blogs on there. It was a sad day when I was forced to turn the crawl off for it in Version 1.

blogsnow V1 was fast. BlogsNow Version2 is even faster. It runs circles around Version1: An analysis of last 50,000 links
added to the blogosphere (covering something like 5-10 hours right now) takes about 30 seconds. Version1 is busy for about five minutes on the same task.

The Preview page gets a fresh data set every three minutes. Since it can ;-) The Ranking is a mix of number of links and time since the link has been added: Links added right now have full weight, while the last one has no weight. I think I will be playing with the exact recipe for a little bit.

The Preview page has no features. Of course there will be pages with who links to what, etc. I am somewhat undecided on RSS. Version1 had no RSS half it’s life. People got all excited when I added it, but I did not see the use spread or be particularly interesting. I think that many people just ‘collect’ RSS feeds like they do bookmarks. But they actually never go back, since they are busy chasing the next butterfly. So I might as well skip RSS. Except for movies and mp3. Media Enclosures make sense. And yes, BlogsNow will have those lists as well.

Let me know what you think about this little glimpse on the future of BlogsNow Version2.

June 10th, 2005

show me the money

they are

June 10th, 2005

everywhere !
thanks for the link: Biddy.


June 10th, 2005

I think it’s fair to say that GWB leeoryed this whole middle east thing.

macintel (II)

June 9th, 2005

January 2004
and the internet was in uproar about this.

Those dev kits Apple ships now don’t look that different. OK, they skipped the green light …


June 9th, 2005

over at arstechnica we read:

… the ongoing psychological effect of having a clean, elegant, technologically advanced RISC architecture at the heart of the Mac platform was a far more important factor in Apple’s competitiveness than the Mac’s actual benchmark numbers at any given moment.

so true.


June 9th, 2005

since years one of the best take outs I know

OS X 10.4.1 slow with IPv6?

June 9th, 2005

this suggests that turning off IPv6 might increase performance.

So I tried it. And in a gigE configuration I could not find a difference.

with IPv6:

PowerBook G4 A15 SGI Tezro
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 863 MBytes 724 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 760 MBytes 638 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 708 MBytes 594 Mbits/sec

PowerBook G4 A15 Linux x86
[ 3] 0.0-10.2 sec 484 MBytes 397 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 584 MBytes 490 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 0.0-10.2 sec 568 MBytes 467 Mbits/sec

without IPv6:

PowerBook G4 A15 SGI Tezro
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 788 MBytes 661 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 744 MBytes 624 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 0.0-10 0 sec 872 MBytes 731 Mbits/sec

PowerBook G4 A15 Linux x86
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 581 MBytes 487 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 0.0-10.2 sec 608 MBytes 500 Mbits/sec
[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 598 MBytes 502 Mbits/sec

Your Mileage May Vary

enable password fee rsh guest on redhat fedora

June 7th, 2005

An easy way to run things on remote machines in unix has been the ‘rsh’ command.
For instance:

rsh -l guest remote-machine command-to-run-on-that-machine

would execute the command on the other machine. Of course things need to be set up for that. It used to be simple, but the default installs
for redhat redhat (and possible other installs) need a bit of tweaking. Here a quick and dirty recipe. This openes the machine to the public,
so don’t do it on any computer exposed to the internet or a bunch of untrustworthy users.

useradd guess
(remove !! from /etc/shadow for user gues)

A user guest with no password exists. Cool and scary. Up to you.

rpm -i rsh-server-0.17-21.i386.rpm

Versions might be different, check if it does already exist

(set disabled="off" to disabled="on" in /etc/xinetd.d/rsh)
killall -HUP xinetd

Tell xinetd that it is allowed to start rshd if an incoming connection is being made.

cp /etc/pam.d/login /etc/pam.d/rsh

This is a true hack for people that don't know what they are doing. I have no idea what
the side effects are of this. It worked for what I had to do, but it might be completely

From now on you can do things on that machine as the user 'guest'.


June 7th, 2005

Citigroup looses tapes with the records
of 3.7 million clients. What _would_ have be cool would be if they would have not have copies.
That would teach them.
Right now all those 3.7 million people can hope for is that UPS lost the tapes real good. They can loose things so good that nobody can find them.
Really, only fedex and UPS can do that.

intel mac

June 7th, 2005

Finally the stack overflow exploits handcrafted for intel CPU might start work on Macs!

not the last time we will hear this

June 3rd, 2005

malware alliance
What would happen if the masses of recruited Windows PCs are able to impact bigger part
of the internets, so that outages will be noticebale for more people?

Think “Dr. Evil”. :

You want the internet back? That would be “one million dollars”.

Thanks Microsoft. I hope Bill is paying the ransom he and his OS have caused.

It’s not the internet that is vunerable, it is not the computers. It is the operating system called Windows made by Microsoft.
Technically all systems can have viruses. In reality only Microsoft Windows systems are part of these malware empires.

Since people tend to say different: This has nothing to do with market share. 10% Apple Systems is by far enough to be
attractive. In the webserver market Mirocroft products are the minority but still manage to host all the interesting exploits.

It’s a design problem, and a historical one. For Windows security the geenie is out of the bottle. Apple can afford to fix every problem that becomes known: Their virus count is zero. It is so much easier to go back to zero from one than from multiple thousand.

internet history

June 1st, 2005

a brief history of the internet
Linked from there: Bill Gates on “Hobby Software” 1976.



June 1st, 2005

Take a box, put a harddrive in it, connect it to the internet to get video content, connect it to the TV, sell it for 100 US$.
Sounds like a good plan these days. It’s called “Akimbo”, and the New York Times does not like it at all. And I can understand why. They have two thousand titles. Which really is nothing. It reminds me of those days when people scraped ‘the best of the internet’ on a server and put it on a plane.

Looks like the AP did a Akimbo ‘review’ a couple of days ago.
Same results.