not the last time we will hear this

malware alliance
What would happen if the masses of recruited Windows PCs are able to impact bigger part
of the internets, so that outages will be noticebale for more people?

Think “Dr. Evil”. :

You want the internet back? That would be “one million dollars”.

Thanks Microsoft. I hope Bill is paying the ransom he and his OS have caused.

It’s not the internet that is vunerable, it is not the computers. It is the operating system called Windows made by Microsoft.
Technically all systems can have viruses. In reality only Microsoft Windows systems are part of these malware empires.

Since people tend to say different: This has nothing to do with market share. 10% Apple Systems is by far enough to be
attractive. In the webserver market Mirocroft products are the minority but still manage to host all the interesting exploits.

It’s a design problem, and a historical one. For Windows security the geenie is out of the bottle. Apple can afford to fix every problem that becomes known: Their virus count is zero. It is so much easier to go back to zero from one than from multiple thousand.

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  1. claude. Says:

    1) ha├čt du die winzigweich-typen so sehr? oder
    2) bist du so in den schicken mac verliebt?

    lass’ es dir gut gehen. anyway….

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