g5 with an issue

DVIsochComponent.c:1191: failed assertion `!(deviceDescriptionPtr->clock == 0)’

we use firewire to video bridges from Canopus. Lots of them, the ADVC 100 and 110 are quiet nice. Seem to work very reliably.

One of our G5s however stopped cooperating after we install 10.4.
The other G5 we have is fine, and so are all G4 based installtions.
If I would not have found this then I would think it would be a hardware bug. Like this it sounds like a 10.4.1 problem.

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  1. Bas Says:

    Hello Andreas,

    The same problem occurs when I try to dump a DV tape from my camera onto DVD via Toast (one click action). When Toast is started and I switch on the cam toast disappears and in the console I get exactly the same message as you described.
    I’m using 10.4.2 on a Powermac DP G4. My assumption is that also 10.4.2 has this problem.

    When you get a solution, would you be so kind as to inform me?

    Kindest Regards,


  2. Okla Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I have exactly same issue as Bas.

    Would you mind to inform me when you get a solution too.

    Many thanks,


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