I had been a while. I used skype again today, and I must say it works great. Right now there are 2.6 Million users online. Not bad.

George Bush wanted to go to war in Iraq the day he became elected. After 9/11 it was a done deal. Everybody knew that. But he denied it. He talked allot about a connection with 9/11 (not existant) or WMDs (not existant). Somewhere I saw a bumper sticker that read “Nobody died when Clinton lied”.

The Downing Street Memo’s are clear evidence that President Bush lied in matters of war and peace.
Thousands died, Billions were spent, and, yes, George sat in an Airplane that landed on an aircraft carrrier. “Mission Accomplished” it said on the banner behind him. That was years and hundreds of US casulties ago.

It is time for realities to catch up with George W Bush. I anticipate lots of disctractions. Maybe they even raise the thread alert to orange. Whatever happened to that little color system? After the election it seemed not to be needed anymore. Or have all Terrorists retired? Strange that we forget about that one. It will come back if needed, I am sure.

Apple? Apple will be a software company. OS X runs on Pentium. There will be a choice: Run Windows or run OS X. It is easy, once all the Applications exist as Pentium/PowerPC binaries. Drivers and all the legacy hardware? Apple will simply ignore that. Keep things simple. Just certain boards, busses and cards will be supported. But the variety in interfaces is declining anyway. Apple does not need 100% of the market. The more afluent 40% are good enough. For every hardware sell they loose they get 20 new OS X users. Those might not even buy the OS. But they will run iTunes, buy songs, and at some point movies.

It is really hard to find _anybody_ that gets excited about it.

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