playstation 3

the new list of super computers is out

I must admit I can not visualize a ‘teraflop’ or ‘gigaflop’ etc.

The BBC writes that in order get this year into the list of the 500 fastest computers you need to have 1.1 Teraflops. Last year 850 gigaflops were enough.

somewhere else the BBC writes that the Sony playstation 3 will have 218 gigaflops.

In other words: if you would be able to ‘gaffer tape’ four playstations 3 together then you have more power than the 500 fastet computer on the planet last year.

Somehow the top500 list has different numbers than the BBC. Still, the last one looks like a monster: 184 Power4 CPUs.

Somewhere else I read that a “Blue Gene” with 300 Terraflops would cost 100 Million US.

If you would pay the same for your flops in the Playstation 3, then you would need to shell out 72,666 US$ for that console.

72,466 should buy you allot of gaffer tape. Or Sony made those Gigaflop numbers up.

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