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google video is out today. In order to see the clips you need a googlified VLC player. Only for windows. Of course. Like everything from google.

With the title: modifier, you should find clips from a specific show. So I tried this for title: daily show and found a very good segment. It’s nice, but there is only one clip form the daily show in google video?

So I tried to look for jon stewart crossfire. A little bit of secondary information, but the actual event is not in there.
Looking in the normal and text based google: no problem, just found what I was looking for.

Looking in Videos for daft punk I find a commercial from Apple, a clip from some some kids and two unrelated spot.

I does amaze me: Text google is so great since it handles the long tail so well. But is lightyears away of being able to send me to clips that I would care about. It is surprising that they release something as immature. I don’t think that does understand the brave new world of broadband connections out there. Which is surprising, since it is all pretty much based on the text based google system.

Sometimes one cubicle does not know what the other one does.

Speaking of cubicles
this link
would bring you to a recruting video of theirs. It’s pretty boring the whole thing, the end however is quiet revealing.

Would you want to work for this guy?

those are his shoes.

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