Around the world in 100 Links

BlogsNow got it’s first ’special view’ today. I mentioned it before, but this is the first sign of it: I rewrote BlogsNow in Version 2 also to be able to whip up quick views that I feel might be interesting. Google Maps is an amazing web application. And, of course all the images being out there people will find interesting views and share them in their blogs. BlogsNow simply lists the most prominent ones. As usual millions of bloggers will collect some collective filter that is somewhat interesting. Since longitude and latitude coordinates do not mean much to most of us, I listed the closest airports instead.

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  1. OverlordQ Says:

    Your robot has an invalid link in it’s useragent field . . . enjoy the space in my blacklist

  2. Administrator Says:

    thanks for the hint.
    It is fixed now.

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