microsoft asks what they should do

ok it’s only Scoble

I would go back to “Independence the movie” when that Alien presses the unshaved scientiest against the glas. And answer along those lines “I want you to go out of business”.

Sorry, but Microsoft left this really bad trail in the history of technology while they could. I don’t see why we should tolerate their existence. Once the power game has flipped against them. Which has not happened yet. OK, Longhorn is the most unexiciting Operating System annonuncement. They needed to through something like RSS in. Which is pathetic:

RSS is one potential way of letting information flow. The point is that information wants to just do that: flow. Now we have the bandwidth, and there will be more tools. But putting RSS into the OS is like making a car that can perform really well when you drive around an New York intersection. RSS is ok right, I hope it will be replaced added on by the people quickly for whatever direction it needs to go. Nice for M$ to come up with the Version 2. Those Microsoft ’standards’ are bad enough if it comes to web pages. I think they really caused enough harm for one company. Right now they should just merge with Sun and look inwards for synergy for ten yours or so, till they are both history.

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