a sad occasion

This is a sad day. The terror in London is on everybodies mind.

BlogsNow was written to be a fast reflector of what is going on in the world. Right now 64 out of the 100 links are related to the events in London. The top 17 links are all about it.

Here how other tools look right now:

people search allot for it, but the link list still focuses on yesterdays olympic nomination

as usual blogdex has no clue, and it will be like this for a while

same here

I wish I could have done this comparision with a more positive event.

3 hours later:
Server crashes. Again. Now I know that it is mysqlhotcopy when making a backup. While running the mysql repair I run out of disk space. All those bin-log files. Then I am stupid again and ctrl-c the repair. It would have waited for disk space. Then I tried to move the mysql data dir to another disk. Which takes some while. Then mysql does not want to start from that disk. Since I have no time for a dive into the manual I move things back and start it again. With the result that BlogsNow now shows results from 24 hours ago. Maybe I should learn something here?

Right now I like blogdex’ Version of the latest news much better. It is yesterdays. Yesterday was better than today.

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