gizillion blogs

BlogsNow Version 2 started with a clean and new database. During it’s one year of operation Version 1 had seen close to 7 Million weblogs. BlogsNow follows ping lists like most other tools. These list became more and more a resource for spammers to inject their content. BlogsNow Version 2 jumped from three to almost four Million weblogs within one week. It turned out that two IP addresses alone had created 600,000 new ‘blogs’. All of them made just to spam whomever they can.

Many websites tracking weblogs will claim how many weblogs they track. It appears as if those 11 Million you find right now are actually an accumulation of all weblogs seen, regardless if active or not. And, at least a certain amount, of bogus blogs only created for spam should be takn into account.

Those inflated numbers are being used wherever people like to put an extra boost on the blog phenomen. There are definitely millions of blogs.
But the active blogging community may be just a few hundred thousand people.

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