a presidency between two disasters

We remember: In a tight selection Mr B. became President.
His first months were so/so. At best. No big approval, compassionate conservatism was not really anywhere in sight.

Then came that day in September. A national disaster. Caused by some fucked up/crazy Saudis. But there were human culprits:
Bush vowed to “smoke them out”, and everybody started loving him.
Flags where everywhere. And the country was behind his leader.

So much, that during the ‘04 election all he needed to get back in the oval office is to repeat his mantra of “September the eleventh”. OK, running against Hermann Munster made things easier as well.

Wiith the “War on Terror” you could get basically everything done.

OK, getting your bodies hands on Social Security funds didn’t work. But almost everything else you can justify with that.

With Katrina disaster did strike again. This time there are no arabic culprits. Some people claim that this storm is part of the
global warming thing. Unproofable. Let’s forget about that.

But what is there is the fact that much of the National Guard is in Iraq, and not in the US.
Levee’s broke. And money that should have used on them was not there. Again going to that conflict in Iraq.

And, the solution is more complex: You could declare a “War on Nature” now. But I think nature will be unimpressed.

This is how Mr B. and reality lined up yesterday.

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