cam phones are yesterday

mp3 phones

two years ago I read an article on the web in some engineering paper. Something littled “What is that sucking noise”. The way I remember it it said that most gadgets would get sucked into the phone. You have that one with you all the time. It has a CPU and a battery and a display. The PhoneCos have a huge need to get you to sign up again. New phones with more “features” do that. I would call this more “Freactures”.
First the phone killed the PDA, then it took a healthy slice out of the digicam market. Now mp3 players. And next there will be players for moving images.

With those phones there is always a money connection. The PhoneCos already get paid by the user. Big freaking difference
to the internet.

So all that boring mainstream content will try to get sold on those little devices.

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