it’s going to get you

As we get used to the fact that the city of New Orleansis no more or now, people shift their tone. Trying to put things in perspective. And 9/11 comes to mind, not only because it will be four years in a week.
People compare Katrina with 9/11. I did so here as well.
It is just now that I realized that it does not work like that. Essentially there was one rather huge city block in NYC that was hit in 2001. Now it is an entire city. The rest of the city and country was paralysed. By shock and surprise. Given the details of this event nor a surprise at all. But 5 miles upward the houses still worked. McDonnalds could feed people quickly what they apparently like to eat. Drug dealers where delivering their goods to their clients.

Kartina is different. It is a real catastrophy. For four years now everything has been justified and aligned against the tragedy that 9/11 undoubtfully was.

But it is haunting us and the Bush administration now:
Many people put up with allot of bull just because theIf y thought it would keep the US save. Those claims of safety in regards to Terror are as false as they are in regards to nature.

If 9/11 would have not been made the ‘mother of all tragedies’ maybe there would be more grieving potential for a catastrophy that really is one.

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