the littlle iBook

one point five giga bytes of memory:

And now it runs real smooth. If you OS X machine does not make you happy in terms of performance then spent
40 seconds on the following:

Activity Monitor
Window -> Activity Monitor
System Memory (in the lower third of the screen)

Look for Page ins/outs number/number
the second number after the / should be 0
if it is not 0 then add memory.

You will see …

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  1. Alexandra Says:

    now that’s scary - my stats for Page ins/outs are: 35193/596 …

    And you say the number after the “/” ought to be “0″ instead of my “596″? I’m using a MacMini 1.42 GHz and 1 GB DDR SDRAM and yes, many many open tabs in Firefox (currently 52); so my performance is sluggish - small wonder… So, I’m already maxed out as I’m told that I can’t add any more RAM. Is that true?

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