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October 31st, 2005

Just booked a hotel in NY. For next Friday. A little bit late, of course.
I had a couple of Hotels to start with. Finding their phone numbers was not easy. Nor was it to reach somebody. Google is NOT your friend when you try to locate some service like a hotel. Nor are the Hotels themselves: loading flash for 90 seconds, just to get to a phone number is ridicolous. And they just opened last year.

the multi million dollar rumor

October 31st, 2005

this is a very damaging rumor for Sony and the very best that could happen to the Xbox 360 right now. I wonder if there is a market for rumor spreading these days.

blogdex where are though?

October 31st, 2005

Blogdex is still down. So I thought I might run some google adwords pointing people to BlogsNow.
Turned out somebody was faster: Right now I see an add for blogturbo dot com. Interesting what google advertises for:
It costs only 149 US$ and you can generate thousands of weblogs pointing to your site. This looks like a keyword spam tool to me.
Interesting that google runs ads for it.

Then I wonderred what is going on at
Turns out they are down as well …

update November 1st
Blogdex: “up” again, yet results are old/pointless right now.
Daypop: back up again, results make sense. the usual 24 hour delay
blogturbo: still showing ads on google adwords for blogdex.

shoot on focus

October 31st, 2005

Yesterday I tried to take a picture of my daughter on a swing.
I like shallow depth of field of the 90 US$ 50mm 1:1.8 II Canon.
Needless to say: It didn’t work, since I suck.
But maybe Canon could do the world favor and add a fourth Autofocus mode: “Shoot on Focus”. You set the lens to manual,
focus at the distance that you think the subject should have. Select this magic fourth AF mode and press the button: The moment the camera sees focus it takes a picture. Simple as that. With digital you don’t care if you need to take ten or twenty to get a good one.
Canon, please, could I have it, let’s say in the 6D? I can, or rather have to, use the 10D till then anyway. No funding for the marvelous 5D …

the good ole NSA

October 29th, 2005

No Such Agency. Back in the day. They were the holy grail of high tech intel.
Today it seems as if a simple digg reference seems to bring their servers to a grinding halt:
I am getting 2KB/s right now. Which means that I have to wait 15 minutes for their collective OS X wisdom.

What happens if the NSA gets slashdotted?


October 29th, 2005

One of the tools for Vanity search is PubSub
The idea is you tell it what you care about and it will remember where it found the mentionings. Nice idea.

It is in my “let’s see what happens around BlogsNow” FireFox stored tab. It is stuck since a week. Or it’s posting order is confused.
I would guess that they have splog trouble as well …

Update 10/30: From my current IP I can not access PubSub anymore. But from other machines I have in the internet it worls just fine. PubSub probably blocks my ISP. Which is fair enough: Despite the fact that T-Online is the biggest ISP in Germany, they also suck. Their IP range gets blocked rather often by US companies. They don’t understand that this is a big company in Germany. All they see is an ISP that does not care to get rid of annoying and misbehaving users. I would ban them as well, wouldn’t I know what the Bundespost used to be.


October 29th, 2005

counting up to 1023 with both hands

one company promises and the other one will deliver.

October 28th, 2005

And winFS will come from Apple after all.

At least Longhorn is on track. Timewise. Just that WinFS will not make it. Poor Microsoft: They announce a book deal, and nobody cares. If Google or Apple do anything the world is jumping up and down in excitement.

Microfost only gets the attention if Balmer jumps up and down.

blogdex broken

October 28th, 2005

Blogdex did inspire me to write BlogsNow. Blogdex was great. Just a bit to slow, and took just a couple of thousand Weblogs into account. And it was not first aggregator like this either. Just the first one that got wide spread attention.

Now it’s broken. Today is Friday and it says:

Blogdex was improperly shutdown over the weekend, and should be up and running soon.

This might be related that it’s creator is no longer at MIT but took a job at Yahoo.

Blogdex Alex Rank is still very high. Interstingly the development on Blogdex stopped over a year ago. And most visitors it gained AFTER that.

I thought I do the people looking for Blogdex a favor and point them to BlogsNow.

Technorati and Icerocket both showed a couple of pages
where people noticed that blogdex is down.

Google however shows this:

a huge splog fest

Makes google blog search useless. I thought that Google would know what is spam on their own Blogger service and what is not.

Apparently not.

web 2.0

October 28th, 2005

web 2.0

Speaking of 2.0s, whatever happened to the Internet 2.0 ?

What would Google 2.0 look like?
Microsoft 2.0 however might be as chinese as IBM is now.

Nielsen Rubbish

October 28th, 2005

Alan Little started an article with this quote from Jakob Nielsen’s blog top 10 mistakes:

If you publish on many different topics, you're less likely to attract a loyal audience of high-value users.

When Mr Nielsens list made it’s BlogsNow debut I think I read it. But I must have skipped # 8. I think that this point is utter rubbish. That is the whole point of weblogs that you get comments, links and news presented from a specific voice. In the more interesting cases this voice is a mix of aspects and interests. If this voice is genuine and authentic then I do enjoy the read, as long there is enough overlap with my interests.

Yoga, for instance, I don’t care about. Alan writes among other things about Yoga, Mac’s and Munich. Since I care about Mac’s and have lived twelve years in Munich I can relates somehwat. And, even though I don’t care about Yoga, that specific weblog would be less interesting if it would not have that area of interesting.


October 26th, 2005

refound this artist’ web site via this amazing collection

I did miss him

October 26th, 2005

Charles Petzold
I did enjoy reading him, when I was still coding for Windows.
15 years ago? 20?

This speech is fun to read I think. I still like his writing style.
Should I read his Avalon book just because of him? That would
be geekish: Reading text books becuase of the the Author.


October 26th, 2005

google base is for real.

Google tries lots of things. But that is what you can do with the web and if you have an ‘unbrand’ like those colored letter.

Much like Apple could sell a white square block of solid plastic Google get’s the attention of the web, not matter how odd the idea may be. Google Video for instance is not gonna go anywhere. DOA.
They just didn’t get the real dynamics of internet / moving images.

Froogle is kind of there, but not making much impact. I have not read anybody talking about it.

Google Base is, of course, a brilliant idea. Let the people bring the data directly to Google. They better make sure that it’s not full of spam like Blogspot. Oh, wait: Blogspot according to google is not full of spam, since they know what is spam and what isn’t. Technorati and Ice Rocket don’t. A good spam filter is these days a very very competitive instrument. Look at gmail: It’s spam filter works. Same with traditional search: search engine spam is huge. And google constantly change it’s engine to combat this. It sounds like that their steps get more severe: “jagger1″ has shifted results for many semi-pro and pro SEOs all over the planet. Let’s see what the next weeks and the two more stages that Google will deliver in search will bring us.

Google Base could take some out of the market from eBay, Amazon and craigslist. It’s that one extra click that people don’t want to do.
They want to utter a couple of keystrokes and WANT the first result to be what they want. The internet is a mere extension to google it seems. With Google Base they just pulled the content a bit closer into their data centers. New products can go online instantly.

But the devil is in the details. The /concept/ of google video was brilliant. Or had some brilliant aspects. The actual implementation is stupid. It showed clearly that google does not understand what is going in this area.

I give them a better chance to understand the world of eBay / Amazon etc.

And then there are rumors about google money. If these things work out, then the current stock price of 346 (!) is not the highest we might see. The Market Cap of a couple of companies in Billion dollars:

General Electric 360
Microsoft 266
Wal-Mart 188
Google 96
Apple 46
Ford 16
General Motors 16

At some point this whole internet thing might tip:
Google’s might reaches a level of domination that the whole
rest will be just secondary. Much like the desktop OS market tipped into Microsofts direction at one point for 90% of the people.

Once you store all the email, classified ads, products, blogs, images, maps AND give the people decent access to it, who could possible compete?

There always was only one eBay. A second one had never a chance, since you want the access to the biggest collection. That and the brand keep Amazon and eBay in business.

Sadly only the leftovers might be interesting and worth pursuing in this brave new gworld. Leftovers not in respect of volume: Google practically invented the long tail of the internet. Leftovers in matters of content: Only the junk that Google can not associated with will be traded outside of the big G.

Orson Welles had the entire movie Studio to play with when he was young and made “Citizen Cane”. Brin and Page have the most dynamic thing on the planet to play with. And they don’t have to negociate with a studio. They own it. down

October 25th, 2005

That didn’t take long: did notify the universe about weblog updates. For years. More and more weblogs existed, and got sold to Verisign. A real infrastructure company.
Those put the ping service on their own servers five days ago.
With the result that it is broken since four hours. I think that the privately run was offline for so long in the 20 months that I was pulling data from it.

Let’s see how quickly they are back up, and what the ripple effects are for the blogosphere.


October 23rd, 2005

Never mind if ([^<]+) means nothing to you.
If you do you know then you might be a fellow scraper.
Whether scraping is bad or not we don’t know yet. It’s possible, and that’s all what matters to me right now.


October 23rd, 2005

a miniature town made out of Jell-0. Render this, Maya boy !

what got me into computing

October 22nd, 2005

now things are coming into the open

1. I am that old.
2. I never used the gained knowledge

in case you care to know

October 20th, 2005

In case you care to know how and why the US is in this the state that it is in.

takes a while till he get’s going, but is interesting never the less.

funny logic

October 20th, 2005

apple gets great press because Journalists use apples

The good old MSM is twisting realities myth with a new spin.
What is really amazing is that Dvorak writes that everybody uses Macs. This would bias the reporting.
This is from his column:

... all say that they use a Mac "because it is better." Right. And that attitude doesn't affect coverage now, does it?

Maybe, it is, gulp, just better.
Should I mention the total absence of malware?
I have not spend a single cent on antivirus software. I wonder how much Mr Dvorak had to do in order to still be in the internet …

new look, same crap

October 20th, 2005 now a VeriSign service has a new look. And they only show the last 100 blogs that pinged them on their main page. Makes sense. The content however has not changed: junk, junk and junk.

splogs and what we can learn from them

October 20th, 2005

BlogsNow always checks for all entries how similar the blogs are than link to a given entry. Just now I tightened this parameter radically. It catches now more splogs and also a couple of ‘real blog entries’. If your fan club is not diverse enough, then you will not make BlogsNow as easy anymore. Looking at BlogsNow how it’s filtering I must say this makes sense: Those real blog entries are mostly linked by the very same group of blogs. Mostly on both sides of the political spectrum. Plain link repeaters have simply less influence right now. I like the results better: They reflect what is emerging in many blogs, rather then what gets pushed by whatever agenda there might be.


October 20th, 2005

and where they are coming from

visual perception

October 20th, 2005

a very nice optical illusion

This explains a couple of visual perception concepts very simply and rather clear.


October 19th, 2005

a plane checked out Wilma and found -yikes- that it’s pressure is the lowest of all 2005 hurricanes.

Since I am not a hurricane expert I have no clue what this means, all I know is that it #1 at BlogsNow right now. Bubbled to the top in the fast lane.

this discussion reads less dangerous.

corporate logos

October 18th, 2005

worth 1000 corporate logos
via boingboing
via blogsnow

splogs and web 2.0

October 18th, 2005

Yahoo bought a while ago.
Their new blogs page is one complete splog-fest.

Verizon bought and will switch servers next week. That will be interesting.


October 17th, 2005

Since the
last sploglosion event
also diluted peoples ego searches there is finally some discussion about Google’s ignorance towards this problem: Chris Pirillo demands that Blogger be fixed or turned off I can imagine that it’s harder for him to execute the P(i)rillo Effect.

Sidenote: when will stop the habit of leavng characters out and feel cool about it? (splogplosion -> spam world wide web log exploison)

And, of course, Icerocket suffers as well.

The problem is not new: seven months ago I had to turn of Blogger in BlogsNow. All future rewrites of BlogsNow knew not to trust blogger content. BlogsNow crawls Blogger as much as possible. But not more. That’s why BlogsNow wasn’t hit by the latest boom of junk on Google’s blogging tool. It does help to have very little resources: With BlogsNow I have simply neither room nor bandwidth for spam. Spam would have killed BlogsNow within days, if it wouldn’t be able to defend itself.

Over at Jeff Jarvis there is some discussion as well on the very same topic. Sreven Den Beste comments along the lines that splogs on might be beneficial to google. They definitely are. Wether intended or not: Google knows which blogs on blogger get read and which ones not. That alone makes for huge head start for all search efforts.

The concept behind those splogs is threatening not only a few ego searches on PubSub: The internet didn’t work to sell dog food (web/bubble 1.0). Now the internet is trying to sell information (web/bubble 2.0). While this approach is much more promising, all that spam is diluting. And it hurts innovation: Much of BlogsNow constant rewrites go into the upkeep of the status quo against splogs and other malicious symptoms. I would rather add features. And I would rather be able to trust the information out there.

It’s the same with all spam: In order for somebody to make 1 cent somewhere there are damages of hundreds of dollars elsewhere.

ping poison

October 16th, 2005

BlogsNow gets seven pings a second. I just had a cursory look over those. Yes, they are all spam.
If you should still ping BlogsNow in good intention please stop doing so. If you ping BlogsNow in the future then your weblog will go on the black list. Sorry.

October 16th, 2005

spam, too much of it

October 16th, 2005

Sunday, 2am Pacific, 5am Eastern, the blogosphere is active.
Hyperactive. Just that it’s all spam. Most of those so called splogs are hosted at googles aka Blogger.

Blogger is the biggest hosting outlet for real as well as for spam blogs. I find it very hard to believe that Blogger could not do more against spam blogs. They certainly have the technology. The six billion dollar question is, why do they let all this spam happen. First: They can. Google knows how to store vast amounts of data safe and cheap. Probably cheaper than anybody else. GFS and commodity hardware create an unbeatable combination that creates amazingly low costs per byte.
The second part of my explaination why 90% of all subdomains are junk is slightly more evil:

Blogger knows what’s spam and what is not. They know which IPs added which content. Those other weblogs that are not spam are an invaluable resourse. Blogger can tell it’s cousin googlebot where to go, and, more importantly where not to.
Others like Yahoo or MSN can not. They have to crawl and evaluate all that junk in order to find the gems created by all those real bloggers. This creates considerable costs for Googles wannabe competition.
“Don’t be evil” they said. Looking at a random blogspot blog these days it sounds more like: “Don’t be to evil to spammers”

bubble 2.0

October 14th, 2005

mtv buys
aol buys weblogs, inc
verisign buys
yahoo employs the author of blogdex
yahoo buys
yahoo bought flickr

google pretends that sun exists
google might spend some money on AOL
Yahoo and M$ will link their instant messenger application

if you look into the sky then you will probaly see a Learjet
with some exec’s rushing from deal to deal.

google trades for around 300 since months, Apple is a 53 right now.

I would call this a bubble.

or like this

October 14th, 2005

leads to
which leads to filetype:mov
which contains
last link you better mute the audio …

gmail has a problem

October 12th, 2005

gmail has troubles sending mail

Right now it looks as if emails to specific recipients did not go through. They are in my sent box. But the people never received them.

Not that nice.

Not sure how far back it goes.

of course

October 11th, 2005

there is no global warming


October 10th, 2005

A couple of months ago BlogsNow stopped accepting pings.
Pings are these little messages basicallly saying “hello Service XYZ here is weblog ABC, I have new content”.
The mother of all these ping servers is Just got sold to Verisign.
I started to ignore pings, since they were mostly spam.
That did not stop them: Right now I am getting half a million pings a a day at BlogsNow. I would guess that 99.9 % of them are spam. Maybe I have a look one day and then use them to build a blacklist …

four million blogs

October 9th, 2005

BlogsNow had a little hickup. An old index issue finally prevented one of it’s main tables to accept new entries. The easiest remedy was to delete the last four million weblogs that had been added.
They will come back, I am sure.

all on one page

October 6th, 2005

My dear friend Andrew deserves his american citizenship. Only a true american can go to Europe and have the results of it on one page.

Seriously: As always gorgeous pictures.

gmail autosave

October 3rd, 2005

this will save allot of time and frustration
You probably could build another Cheops pyramid in the time that this will save in the next year globally.

and so it has begun

October 1st, 2005

this is or rather could be the biggest thing that got started this year. This could be hug, If the g-peeps don’t mess this up like they do/did the video launch.

They have the funding to put wifi in place wherever they want.
They bought enough dark fibre to make their own back bone.
The rest?

Like having a free gPhone. Connects via wifi and the net.
Just ’cause. It it cheap and simple enough for them to do.
And so much more.