A couple of months ago BlogsNow stopped accepting pings.
Pings are these little messages basicallly saying “hello Service XYZ here is weblog ABC, I have new content”.
The mother of all these ping servers is Just got sold to Verisign.
I started to ignore pings, since they were mostly spam.
That did not stop them: Right now I am getting half a million pings a a day at BlogsNow. I would guess that 99.9 % of them are spam. Maybe I have a look one day and then use them to build a blacklist …

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  1. Alexandra Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    You are doing a great job….but how do you manage to track down all links, if we don’t ping you?

    Try and explain it in laymen’s terms, be gentle with me I don’t have a clue about these things. I was simply impressed how well you track. And FAST.

    Technorati have been so bad at tracking my links that they even missed when Hugh Hewitt linked to me twice recently! It takes hours to go through and sometimes they miss it altogether. For example they say I have only six links whereas I actually have about 20!!!

    Most frustrating, especially when you are clueless…..

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