ping poison

BlogsNow gets seven pings a second. I just had a cursory look over those. Yes, they are all spam.
If you should still ping BlogsNow in good intention please stop doing so. If you ping BlogsNow in the future then your weblog will go on the black list. Sorry.

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  1. Digger Says:

    Are you still blacklisting websites that ping? I found the pinger to your site on the web and added it to my blog pings and noticed an error. When looking around at why I got an error I found this entry.

    I’m not a splog, just a simple blogger who had no idea about your ‘no ping’ policy.

  2. Andreas Says:

    Actually I use the ping list to generate filters and blacklist for massive spammers.
    There is no effect If you only ping with fews blogs that hat have no other signs of spam.

  3. Digger Says:

    Thanks for the clarification!

  4. Ian Fenn Says:

    It may be worth asking for blogsnow to be removed from the listing on these two pages:

    All the best,


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