spam, too much of it

Sunday, 2am Pacific, 5am Eastern, the blogosphere is active.
Hyperactive. Just that it’s all spam. Most of those so called splogs are hosted at googles aka Blogger.

Blogger is the biggest hosting outlet for real as well as for spam blogs. I find it very hard to believe that Blogger could not do more against spam blogs. They certainly have the technology. The six billion dollar question is, why do they let all this spam happen. First: They can. Google knows how to store vast amounts of data safe and cheap. Probably cheaper than anybody else. GFS and commodity hardware create an unbeatable combination that creates amazingly low costs per byte.
The second part of my explaination why 90% of all subdomains are junk is slightly more evil:

Blogger knows what’s spam and what is not. They know which IPs added which content. Those other weblogs that are not spam are an invaluable resourse. Blogger can tell it’s cousin googlebot where to go, and, more importantly where not to.
Others like Yahoo or MSN can not. They have to crawl and evaluate all that junk in order to find the gems created by all those real bloggers. This creates considerable costs for Googles wannabe competition.
“Don’t be evil” they said. Looking at a random blogspot blog these days it sounds more like: “Don’t be to evil to spammers”

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  1. Elliott Back Says:

    Is Blogspot really bad?

    The Theory:
    Blogspot is more spam than blogs. Or any one or more of the following:

    Blogspot has become nothing but a crapfarm
    90% of all subdomains are junk
    Has Google stopped helping in the fight against splogs
    Blogspot is curren…

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