blogdex broken

Blogdex did inspire me to write BlogsNow. Blogdex was great. Just a bit to slow, and took just a couple of thousand Weblogs into account. And it was not first aggregator like this either. Just the first one that got wide spread attention.

Now it’s broken. Today is Friday and it says:

Blogdex was improperly shutdown over the weekend, and should be up and running soon.

This might be related that it’s creator is no longer at MIT but took a job at Yahoo.

Blogdex Alex Rank is still very high. Interstingly the development on Blogdex stopped over a year ago. And most visitors it gained AFTER that.

I thought I do the people looking for Blogdex a favor and point them to BlogsNow.

Technorati and Icerocket both showed a couple of pages
where people noticed that blogdex is down.

Google however shows this:

a huge splog fest

Makes google blog search useless. I thought that Google would know what is spam on their own Blogger service and what is not.

Apparently not.

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