Nielsen Rubbish

Alan Little started an article with this quote from Jakob Nielsen’s blog top 10 mistakes:

If you publish on many different topics, you're less likely to attract a loyal audience of high-value users.

When Mr Nielsens list made it’s BlogsNow debut I think I read it. But I must have skipped # 8. I think that this point is utter rubbish. That is the whole point of weblogs that you get comments, links and news presented from a specific voice. In the more interesting cases this voice is a mix of aspects and interests. If this voice is genuine and authentic then I do enjoy the read, as long there is enough overlap with my interests.

Yoga, for instance, I don’t care about. Alan writes among other things about Yoga, Mac’s and Munich. Since I care about Mac’s and have lived twelve years in Munich I can relates somehwat. And, even though I don’t care about Yoga, that specific weblog would be less interesting if it would not have that area of interesting.

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