One of the tools for Vanity search is PubSub
The idea is you tell it what you care about and it will remember where it found the mentionings. Nice idea.

It is in my “let’s see what happens around BlogsNow” FireFox stored tab. It is stuck since a week. Or it’s posting order is confused.
I would guess that they have splog trouble as well …

Update 10/30: From my current IP I can not access PubSub anymore. But from other machines I have in the internet it worls just fine. PubSub probably blocks my ISP. Which is fair enough: Despite the fact that T-Online is the biggest ISP in Germany, they also suck. Their IP range gets blocked rather often by US companies. They don’t understand that this is a big company in Germany. All they see is an ISP that does not care to get rid of annoying and misbehaving users. I would ban them as well, wouldn’t I know what the Bundespost used to be.

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