shoot on focus

Yesterday I tried to take a picture of my daughter on a swing.
I like shallow depth of field of the 90 US$ 50mm 1:1.8 II Canon.
Needless to say: It didn’t work, since I suck.
But maybe Canon could do the world favor and add a fourth Autofocus mode: “Shoot on Focus”. You set the lens to manual,
focus at the distance that you think the subject should have. Select this magic fourth AF mode and press the button: The moment the camera sees focus it takes a picture. Simple as that. With digital you don’t care if you need to take ten or twenty to get a good one.
Canon, please, could I have it, let’s say in the 6D? I can, or rather have to, use the 10D till then anyway. No funding for the marvelous 5D …

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