irix is stupid

Back in the day (10 years ago) Silicon Graphics made their own unix version called Irix. It was ok. But we have come a long way. Not only is it obsolete now, it only gets worse.
When you change a configuration in unix you often can just killall -HUP processname to let configurations take effect. If that does not work a /etc/init.d/servicename restart might do the trick. The next level of stupid would require a /etc/init.d/servicename stop ; /etc/init.d/servicename start.
It turns out that not even that works on irix:
( /etc/init.d/network stop ; /etc/init.d/network start ) will turn of the network.

Silly really, I am pretty sure this used to work. Or I just got spoiled by linux.

It’s only fair that SGI stock trades at 40 cents, and that they lost their stock symbol “SGI”

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