xsan admin don’t bother with the GUI

in case you should consider to get an xsan I would recommend not to bother with the ‘Gui’ for the Xsan Admin utility.
While you still can break the thing make yourself familiar with ‘cvadmin’ in the terminal.
Once the thing is in use that so called ‘Gui’ will be just getting in the way. Much like the early OS X Server UI it is a bad hack that does not conform to the Apple UI guidelines. It will not give you any feedback if there will be an update or not on what you see. Managing terrabytes through a wacky interface is not even not fun, it is terrifying …

cvadmin is your friend. As much as Xsan can be your friend that is …

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  1. David Says:

    I agree. The admin app has caused me several headaches. Sometimes the only way to make the app work again is to restart the xsan system. This is not often the best thing to do for obvious reasons…

    Hopefully as xsan matures, the Xsan Admin application will as well.

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