xbox 360 - first impressions

of course I am not a gamer. Let’s put it that way: the last time I looked a t fps (-> that also could mean “First Person Shooter” I have learned) was when it was called doom. I think doom runs on cellphones and/or iPods these days.
So, back to the Xbox 360: It really looks, well, not that great. The power supply is a big black brick. The thing itself is oddly shapped.
It has surprisingly few connections: A 7(?) ended whiplash for the video. USB and ethernet. And some memory thingy in the front.
HD is nice. 1080i and 720p look alright. Only looked at so-so Panasonic Plasma. That top of the line stuff from two years ago.
The aliasing was the biggest dissapointment. Some Racing game and it was PS1 all over again. But maybe I just have not see enough games. Never really get used to it. I am surprised though.
Modeling and texturing was so nicely done in this particular games. Just a shame that the anti aliasing was making every sizzle.
Glad I am not a gamer. Didn’t look like fun to me …

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