good to be wrong

When the good people at fxguide started to podcast this summer I thought to myself: Another podcast nobody is gonna listening too.
Turns out: I was wrong. What changed? I spend more time in the car now since my clients are spread out over town. So I bought a Monster iPod car connector (they are able to charge 80$ for that!) and suddenly I find myself always having a freshly filled iPod with me. Living in LA was great because of KRCW. The first nine years. Now the tuner only is set to the frequency of the iPod and I am loving it. Mike, Jeff & John: keep it up. It is simply great. Of course fxguide is not the only podcast in my mix, but it certainly stands out in the quality. And it exemplifies the potential of podcasts:
There is room for a million radio stations if turning that dial with a million stops is easy. I would miss those voices from fxguide if they should fall out of the long-tail.

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