Amanda was asking people in NY if they prefer IE or firefox, and then why that is. I wonder if it smart from Microsoft to call IE7 “internet explorer”.
The brand is fucked. It stands for virus, exploit and popup. There are two internets out there: The one you use with “internet explorer” which is hell and the other one is the ‘take back the web’ one in Firefox. “take back” from whom? Certainly not from Microsoft, they are still no force on the internet. But their monolithic market dominance combined with technical ignorance towards the threats of the net degenerated the Internet user experience for all those people being stuck at IE. Browsers are actually no big deal, unless they suck. And only IE sucks royally.
Safari is a browser by Apple. So, who cares? You can use it or not. It’s a minor detail, since it works well enough and is secure.

Maybe it’s the name that bad? “explore”
Now you like to “explore” things if you are confident, and what you are going to find is worth the risk. Since the Internet is a pretty mean djungle these days, most people don’t feel like “exploring” the net. Too often they can into trouble when they did so. The “Ford Explorer” is in trouble too. It’s sales are down by roughly half, despite that there is a new model. IE is as stupid as an SUV. But maybe “exploring” was something you would like to do in the end of the last century: venturing out there into the future. Now all there seems to be waiting are Oil companies reaping record profits and sites that will take control of your machine, just because you visited a simple page with Internet Explorer.

I looks like that it shares the fate of the “Ford Explorer”, which does not want to sell.

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