buy and destroy

the independent writes about MySpace, Murdoch and YouTube

He paid 0.6 Billion for the site. Then he started altering content secretly. At least thats what the article says. If that is true and should continue, then I am very very curious how long it would take for a competitor to come up with a different site.

Yes, there is the ‘power of default’, and how many kids do really care about this kind of cheating from Murdochs side? Interesting question. It will show much of “Web 2.0″ will be left once the big money interests are done with it.

the chain of events;

1. Some service is what people want and becomes huge
2. Somebody arrives in a Learjet and drops billions
variation MySpace:
3. Corpogreed kicks in, and the the very asset that they bought for all that money evaporates
my desired outcome:
4. People show this kind of behaviour the finger. They go somewhere else, and the person
in (2.) bought a really expensive domain name. Like “”

We will see.
The article ends with the mentioning that Murdoch gave Jeremy Philips 1 Billion US$ for future acquisitions. He is 31 and head of News Corp internet strategy or something. Bubble Bubble Bubble.

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