honda civic spot

a nice spot from W+K London for Honda.

As a flash player movie. The usual sad story:

I think the concept is brilliant.

It got implemented alright, although not appropiately: I am not sure about that the frozen car in the middle for instance).
Imagine for a few seconds what Frank Budgen would have done with this spot.

I like that they did a 120 again. Of course by now it’s the trend:
cog, hate, bravia: they all use the new format at least in the time dimension.

Aside-1: Nobody really used the freedom of aspect ratio yet. It always takes years for people to understand and use change.

Aside-2: I hope that they get it and make decent cinema commercials out of these overlong web edits. All of them would work great. Did the Bravia have a cinema media buy?

Then they have ‘viral’ intentions. And that’s usually when things fall down. Sony thought they needed to put things into a zip file for Bravia. Lame. W+K has an IP address and a flash player for the movie. YouTube and google also use this player.

It is a shame that Apple messed up and was unable to put quicktime in this place. Now we have to live with the wrong flat color and weird resizing artefacts. And with the fact that its’ tricky to download.

Google video:

I thought they would not get it all. It gets slowly better. Of course nobody will ever buy any contentfrom them. I think that Apple and Google are in for a surprise: there is no 2 dollar clip market.

Maybe G&A think that if you can make billions with ringtones that you might be able to monetize something a bit more meaningful like clips. I am not an expert on the ringtones thing, but isn’t it that it’s somewhat tricky to get free ringtones? The default costs money. Clips are different. There is ample free content.

Which is where google video starts to become better. I like that you can copy paste links:

THAT is something that W+K should have done for their “Viral”.
It’s easy and it respects the laws and dynamics of the internet.

Maybe next time. Or in five years. Ideas take time.

there is a quicktime / mpeg4 Version that looks so much better.

There is also an iTunes video cast Version with a 3 part “making of”. Maybe that campaign has more depth than was initially visible from that one link I found everywhere.

it work’s
digg, the whole nine yards. I am sure boingboing will follow. They are late these days.

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