google’s earnings

The BBC has an widely discussed article about google out. It does not contain any real news, and it’s tone is missing the point.
But they write that Google’s ad revenue was one point five billion US$ in the quarter ending in September. According to Wikipedia has 5,000 employees. Let’s stick with that number here even though they might have hired a couple hundred more people in the meantime. Probably smart ones.
Those numbers come down to the simple fact that google makes 100,000 US$ in earnings per month and employee. That feels profitable to me.

No wonder the telcos become greedy.

Their cause is lost though.
The internet is not an aqueduct.
It’s the content that matters.
TCP/IP is so commodizied that it will always be cheap.
Worst case somebody comes up with a hack to mesh wifis together. [kidding]

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