Hummer Money

February 28th, 2006

bands rejecting hummer money

Modernista made some of the best car commercials for the ‘Hummer’ brand. I am lucky enough to have worked on and around some of them. I think that the Hummer is a really really stupid car. But I did not reject the ‘Hummer Money’. Well it would be kind of weird if I would turn the servers off because the images on them contain a gas guzzling SUV.

I respect those bands for making this decission. But I rather would work on a decent Hummer commerical than on a shitty one for a product that would make more sense. That’s just me. Everybody has to find his/her standards here.

As these incoherent ramblings show it is a matter of that is still bouncing around in my head allot: Where does the responsibility end. How much influence do you have. Not an easy question to solve. Except for when you stand at the sidelines and never get asked in the first place. Then of course it’s easy and conveinient to say “I would never do that”.

that’s odd

February 27th, 2006

Trying to dowload a 3.6 MB big .dmg file from Apple. It stalls. Four times at different points in the download. In safari, firefox and wget.

Logging in to a different machine. File downloads without any problem.
Downloading it then file via scp or httpd from the new location to my compueter works.

Something between my machine and apple get’s in the way. It is only
and the ISP and then

Is this a bug or the beginning of ‘traffic shapping’ ?

job offering

February 27th, 2006

Los Angeles based high end commercial editorial/VFX boutique seeks
passionate, experienced engineer. Must be forwarded thinking with a love
for technology and sharing that it with the creative staff and producers.
Experience with networking, unix and OS X would be required, some working
knowledge of video systems helpful. Must work well with others and be able
to clearly define goals and implement them. We have a great team and looking
to build a stronger one. If you care to push pixels better than anyone,
then we can offer you some of the prettiest pixels in town to do so.

Please send resumes to:

making of for a fake jpeg

February 26th, 2006

this video
is the ‘making of’ for the video ipod pictures that where roaming the internets.

No comments on the Microsoft Origami d-kitchen video. Not clear if intended or not.


February 23rd, 2006

I will not say anything about the fact that a viewer for internet based clip content is called “democracy”.

I tried it anyway. The site looks rather ‘pro’.

Impossible to google for, that’s what you get when you call your software ‘democracy’.

The things looks interesting. It has quickly put 2GB into ~/Movies/DTV.
The mix of python,VLC, bittorrent and quicktime is definitely a good recipe. We will see many ‘media meals’ based on these ingredients.

spring spring spring

February 20th, 2006

Sony’s stock price tanks. Merrill Lynch issues a pdf where they claim that the PS3 cost 900 US$ to make. Only problem is, that if you add their numbers up it makes 800, not 900. Sure, those people should really have my 401K money. If you look a google news you still find the 900 US$ price ‘news’ flying around that is merely based on one flawed pdf.
That’s only 100 US$. Oh, Sony said earliert they are determined to sell 100 Million PS3. Of course they will become cheaper over time. If they would not than this little pdf error would sum up to 10 Billion US$. I wonder if Merrill Lynch starts caring about that kind of money.

Back to Sony. They have a new
. Now it’s the industry specs they are waiting for. They are hinting in direction of HDMI. DRM of video IO. I was under the impression these things were all set.

Nvidia says it does not expect any royalty payments from Sony until the end of April. They make the graphics card for the PS3.

Other ’stories’ roam the net that mention 2007 in relationship to the PS3 launch. Sony has really a good chance to mess this up royally. Right now they have a decent trajectory to do so.

Instead of loosing more creditibility on launch dates, they should have discredited the ML paper on the simple grounds that it offered.

Ken Kutaragi told the Cell Chip developers in 2001 that he wanted the chip to be 1,000 times more powerful than the one out of the PS2 . Sonys speaks about 35 - 40 times right now.

smart trash

February 19th, 2006

Not sure when this will happen, but I am pretty sure it will. Unless mankind abondons culture and civilistation for whatever reason.

When the trash can will be picked up it’s contents will be read via the RFID tags that every product will have. Now that makes for ample opportunity. The trash collectors can recycle, locate misplaced things for you and can sell your complete consumption profile to everybody who could benefit from it. From here it is pretty easy to figure out if you should change your diet or drink less. If your trash and credit card records don’t line up then that could mean allot of things.

A garbage truck costs tens of thousands of dollars, the technology needed to implement this will be only a few hundred once RFID tags are every where.

I’d say we better get the NSA back in check before they can wrap their -granted limited- imagination around these possibilies.

Version 108

February 19th, 2006

Version one hundred and eight of BlogsNow:

BlogsNow has feeds. With a twist, of course: the title contains ‘BlogsNow’ to make sure that people realise who brought them a topic first. Links click trhough BlogsNow so that I can see where which links get used and scraped. I also add the time in the link, so that I can see how long links linger out there. There are more rss bots than ever it seems. I am curious where the BlogsNow rss content will show up.

I then looked at the css file and messed around. Some people would call that a redesign. I would never attempt to consider my css dablings to be design. If I can read the text on the page then I am happy.

The logo did not feel right anymore, so I got rid of it. Which does not feel right either. Maybe I will have an idea. Yeah right.

Finally I added BlogsNow in the list of links. Click on the ‘x links’ below the subject and you can see the link history. Where did a topic show up when. Interesting to see how BlogsNow compares to other trackers.

spring, spring! 2006! really!

February 17th, 2006

Sony did spend the last year confirming a launch date of Spring 2006 for it’s next generation game console PS3. As late as December the company was re-iterating this mantra. People were somewhat surprised, since the very same empty ‘concept design’ hulls were all that could ever be seen of the PS3. There were ‘example’ videos, but nobody would really think that those were rendered on an actual PS3 system.

A week ago news spread that Sony would showcase the PS3 on the Taipei Game Show this week and that got people excited. Microsoft launches the Xbox 360 in Taiwan on March 16th, and many gamers expected that Sony would reveal more about the PS3, maybe even show one, in order to dampen Microsofts growing marketshare. It turned out that Sony still has no real PS3 to show. Just some more promo videos.

And some executive PR statements:
Sony will sell 100 Million PS3s
PS will launch this year

The latest is that Sony needs some extra time and care to protect the PS3 against pirates:

Our No. 1 competition is not other companies but counterfeiters.

No word where they will launch first. No prices. No working consoles. No schedule. Sony also says that it will an online component called “HUB”.

Contratictory to so bleak non-news
Sony’s stock price
has been going up since mid last year. According to Businessweek Sony lost 290 Million US$ in their electronic - and made 365 US$ with their gaming-division last year.

I think that we will see the stock price go below thirty US $ until summer.

Here the real story about PS3.

(I don’t know this, I have no inside knowledge. I would not write about it if I would. It’s just an educated (?) guess)

Sony is depending on their gaming division revenue. More than ever. None of their established fields did well lately: They ARE the Walkman company, but never got mp3’s. Their Trinitron Tubes were the best around, but the prettiest Flatscreens came from Samsung and Co. Computers ? Well, not really that hot either. Movies are hit and miss, they have a big music division, but we all know how well CD peddlers do.

Leaves games. In games people still pay for content. The bigger the current problems of Sony in total grew the higher the expectations rose in their Gaming Division to deliver the goods. In Japan, uf you are asked to deliver then you do. Or you pretend to do: Kutaragi got years ago Millions and Millions in R&D for the next gen console. He suceeded with PS1 and PS2. Now, in his early 50s, it was time to build some legacy. So he set amazingly high marks for the specs of the PS3. Nothing less than dual 1080p should this machine be able to push. More than ten times the screen resolution than the PS2 can do. A huge leap ahead. Sony liked to hear that: It would secure the revenue stream off their gaming divsion. They knew all to well, that they sold 100 Million PS1s and 100 Million PS2s. . It is no coincidence to see this number now been cited in respect to the PS3. In reality it might just be whistling in the woods.

There is no PS3 yet. Not one has been built. At least not one that would be worth showing. Sony went to Toshiba and IBM to get the very very latest in CPU technology: The “cell”. Based on Kutaragies specs the CPU is supposed to do wonders. I think that this is were the problem is. Launching a new CPU is a big deal. There is a learning curve for everybody. Lot’s and lot’s of things need to work together real well. If you have a working system and you ‘just’ tune parts. Not so here: Most things inside of the PS3 are new. Eventually they will work. And might even work well. Sony’s bigger problem is to internally manage exactly when the machine will be ready.

If the executives cite now piracy concerns then I think that they simply telling the world what their engineers told them. The real fact is that things just got out of hand. The box is too complex to handle. But it sounds better if you tell your boss that you need extra time to protect against all those pirates out there: “Those damn pirates, you hate them too Mr Stinger, right? You don’t want your pretty new PS3 been pirated right? ” While the truth is rather different: Sony tried to leap too far. Last year they had to show most amazing videos at E3, because that was what Kutaragi did promise his elders for years. Now they are stuck on delivering this. Kutaragi said that he would expect people to get a second job in order to pay for the PS3. That’s how amazing he thought it will be. I think now he would be really reallly happy if could cram a working system into those slim empty case they did show since almost a year. Just a system that is up to par with the XBox 360, with some games for it. Maybe even this year. So that Sony can plug into where the gaming money really will be: online connection of gaming consoles. XBox Live becomes right now the ITMS for small little games. A whole new concept. There will be ample games for a few dollars: Gamers are happy, since they have the choice, developers are happy, since they get to market quickly, get new trends and have no production cost. Sony is lightyears away from having anything like this.

Ironically it will be Microsoft that will be depending on it’s gaming revenue much like Sony has been for the last years: Vista will fall /way/ behind internal expectations for various reasons. But Xbox will make continue to make money.
And Sony? Well, they will be known for the mobile TV Set’s they flew into NY with a 747 in order to meet demand, the Walkman and the Trinitron TV. And the Playstation1 & 2. The rest is history. Not the pleasant kind. Sorry Sony. No better news for you.

IBM about the PC in 1981

February 17th, 2006

qt snippet

“but os x has viruses too”

February 16th, 2006

no! It hasn’t.

But now there is the first
trojan it seems.

You need to download and click on it. It’s finder icon appears to be forged to look like a jpeg file.

Now would be the time to see if the “Broken Windows” theorem holds true.

C as in Crazy

February 16th, 2006

John C. Dvorak writes that Apple would drop OS X and run Windows. When he mentioned this theory of his on TWiT a couple of weeks ago I bursted out in laughter. I think his full name is probably John -C as in Crazy- Dvorak. The real problem here is that he will continue to be listened too. Credibility seems not really needed anymore after the demise of the MSM.
Actually he is alright on TWiT. His snap judgement remarks are refreshing in all that geek mumbling.

VES Awards

February 16th, 2006

The VES Awards were tonight at the Palladium in LA. There was allot of work out there last year. Nice to see that Framestore got an award for the Chemical Brothers ‘Believe’ video. DD got one for the NIN Video “Only”

The one-shot-4400-frame minivan sequence out of “War of the Worlds” got recognised twice. Well deserved I think. Most credit should go to whomever had the idea to realise a scene like this in this way.

Two awards were actually for work in video games. A bit eerie: The audience knows all to well that video games will take some of the money away from the movies that would have gone to visual effects as well.

The ‘bag-o-swag’ was actually pretty nice. Four DVDs and PC game. Do I need to buy a PC now??

Like in all these events it was nice to see so many people again.

And then there is one more thing. I will be writing about that shortly.

ps3 in September? better be, but probably wont

February 15th, 2006

PlayStation ‘HUB’ and a September Launch of PS3 in Japan and the US are been rumored here

Of course XBox Live needs competitions. Not sure what Sony can pull of till September. But it is indeed crucial. Like the whole thing. I think the PS3 release date is the one dimension of the watershed decission that is due this year: If they release in September or earlier and if PS3 as well as the online service are comparable to what’s out there right now then Sony might have a chance to survive. The quality of PS3 and online service are the other dimension.
Since nobody has seen anything yet, it can only be speculated upon.
But the fact that Sony has shown nothing since last years E3, and those images were clearly not from a real PS3 point in the direction that the PS3 will not be as great as Sony tried to make everybody believe last year.

If Sony had any images or release date then they would need to put this out right now in order disturb the momentum of the competing technologies: Every day people buy XBox 360s. These people will buy games for that machine, and not for the PS3. Decent hype around the PS3 could stop the ongoing proliferation of the 360 somewhat.

A friend of a friend said that there will be final devkits in June. If that would be true then a September launch is impossible. And that in turn mean that Sony is done. Toast. Over with. You probably can still buy a Flatpanel TV in 5 fives with those four letters on. But chances are that it’s actually from some chinese company that picked up the brand.

samba samba-3.0.14a-2 and OS X 10.4 wont work

February 14th, 2006

If you try to mount a samba 3.0.14 volume from an OS X 10.4 client then the mount will never finish / connect and you will get an entry in the syslog of your server like:

smbd[30115]: [2006/02/14 18:15:46, 0] rpc_parse/parse_prs.c:prs_mem_get(537)
smbd[30115]: prs_mem_get: reading data of size 2 would overrun buffer.
smbd[30115]: [2006/02/14 18:15:46, 0] rpc_server/srv_pipe.c:api_pipe_bind_req(919)
mailhost smbd[30115]: api_pipe_bind_req: unable to unmarshall RPC_HDR_RB struct.

The fix is easy: just upgrade samba to 3.0.20 and things work again. Fedora Core 4 comes with
this ‘bad’ samba, and only OS X 10.4 barfs on it according to the net. 10.3 is supposed to be fine.

bad memory on a Mac and how to spot it

February 14th, 2006

If you machine freaks out at really random points then I would recommend testing it’s memory. The “Techtools deluxe” you find on the CD with the red edge you got from Apple appears to be pointless. Duing 15 minutes of beachballing I was able to click on 3 different messages, but it never worked. At least on the G5 that was broken today it was a complete waste of time.

I downloaded this very very nice memory tester
it it worked right away. Found the bad memory and that was that.

Here a little how to:
1. Install the program
2. Reboot your mac and hold command/apple S while the machine is coming up
3. You will be in the text based single user mode. Don’t be scared
4. type /Applications/memtest/memtest
(tip: hit tab or ESC twice to auto complete the command)
5. see what the test is saying: bad memory kicks out lots of error messages

gmail: you suck

February 13th, 2006

As much as I like a free thing that works mostly. Today google over did it:

I understand their urge for more money ( they are only worth billions by now) so they like to peddle their “google talk service”. At first I was mildly shocked when I had to click through their “there is google talk” banner page in order to get to my emails. I thought that would be it and I had gmail for years, so once a year one screen to click away is ok.

But now they draw a little overlay over every email address that the mouse is hovering over. How annoying is that!
If they don’t shut that of soon ( I looked in the preferences and it seemed there was no way to do that ) then I will get my imap install going on Or maybe google does not like to store 1038 MB worth of email for me anymore and they like to annoy me so that I go away? Either way, if this nonsense does not stop soon then I will migrate my mail over to my server again. That will be an interesting ‘pop3′ session: 1GB of email …

update 2/17/06: google stoppped displaying those pesky overlays. Glad about that.
Don’t really have the time right now to get imap going on my own domain.

thanks Amanda!

February 13th, 2006

Rocketboom mentions BlogsNow:

15 seconds of fame

924 searches a second

February 12th, 2006

In December 2005 Google handled an average of 924 searches a second. It was 528/sec a year before. Every search is done against the content of some eight billion documents or so. I think that is rather impressive. All done on Linux machines.

In December ‘04 Google did three times more searches than MSN, a year later that ratio had changed to 4.4 times.
Summer 2004 Steve Ballmer had said:

“We don’t want to be a fast follower. If we’re not first, we’ll be a fast follower, but we really want to be first.”

Mick Jagger is know to have said: “You can’t always get what you want”

Numbers from Nielsen

When I was digging for those Ballmer quotes I read a couple of articles about Microsoft and search. They had the tone as if Microsoft and the world was taken by surprise by the success of search. It sometimes sounds as if search came out of nowhere. I think Microsoft decided consiously not to pay attention to search around 2000 when it should have. They probably underestimated the value that is out there on the internet in this uncontrollable heap of information and tools. Microsoft owns the PC operating system and office software market. They simply assumed that all the valuable content would be created within their domain. Therefor they would just need to go along, release a nice pace of updates for Office, Entourage and Windows and that would be that. The internet, so they thought, is something you browse for entertainment with IE in the lunch break. They won the browser war, so what could happen to them?

As confident as the Armada did they sail into this century. And they are sinking as fast as those spanish ships did 418 years ago. Their stock price is flat. They share with Sony the grief about not being part of the booming mp3 business. Longhorn is called Vista now. It’s ok, but the excitement is largely missing. Google just started the next phase of competition by replacing the functionality of Exchange with a free service of theirs. As a little side node here: Web pundits had speculated in vivid colors how there would be a web based word or excel product to challenge the dominating products made in Seattle. Of course it makes so much more sense to start with Microsoft Exchange. Email is, after all, already a network based system. So much for the collective wisdom of crowds.

Microsoft never anticipated that there could be a whole new use of computers that would have nothing to do with writing texts or doing spreadsheats. Microsoft got their lucky break from the lack of imagination and enthousiasm at IBM when it created the personal computer. Only few years of big blue being asleep at the steering wheel, gave Bill and his people enough time to become leader in this emerging field. And they made all the right moves to stay ahead of the game since then. The PC OS market has been domimated by Microsoft very much like IBM had been sucessfully leading the computation field before. IBM could not imagine that the PC that they started would change everything. Nor could Microsoft imagine that the internet would do it all over again.

Imagination is not very tangible. It’s lack however can cost you billions. And somehow it always does.

Dick the hunter, blogs, BlogsNow and the others

February 12th, 2006

Mr Cheney shoots somebody in a hunting accident. No big deal really. The victim is up and well.

But it’s an interesting test of of all those meme trackers that are out there. I saw it first on BlogsNow, where it got listed one hour ago and occupies the number 1 spot with 50 links. Memeorandum has it as well. Also #1 there, not sure how long, there is Michelle Malkin and 3x an AP story as well as 6 links from the selected pool of sources they track.

All others however did not show the story at all when I visited them. I did build BlogsNow for speed and coverage. Looks like it does what it issupposed to do.

web interface for exabyte LTO tape robot

February 12th, 2006

When you buy the tape robot Exabyte Magnum 1×7 you can download a command line tool called
libTool to control it.

Since command line is not everybodies most favorite interface I wrote a little web interface for it.
It will show you which tape is where and can move tapes betweens slots, the drive and the door.

Drop me a line if you could use this. I wrote it, since there was nothing out there. It requires the libTool linux command line application and a webserver.

The Maybach and the Crowbar

February 12th, 2006

“Maybach” is the luxury brand of Mercedes. In Beverly Hills you see them once in a while, but most of them are been paid for with Petro-Dollars I suppose.

A Crowbar is a rather simple device, apparently en vogue with middle aged hands on millionaires in what Rummy would call ‘new Europe’.

Razr V3, headset and custom ringtone

February 12th, 2006

So I thought I get myself a bluetooth headset:

I know: headset’s are really stupid.
This one is the least stupid one I ever saw.
It’s pretty much original size in this image.
Weighs less than 10 grams.
Decent Battery life, although the Razr drains it’s battery faster.
Audio quality is ok, so I hear. I don’t talk to myself.
Have not tried it with skype yet.
Usability is great: 1 button.
1 led.
That’s enough to do voice dial, switch between calls etc etc.

Then I read that you can use any mp3 as a ringtone.
It works as long you don’t have a bluetooth headset.
Yepp, that is right:
If you have a headset then you can only use the standard
ringtones. Somebody gotta explain that one to me.
Motorola, not really known for being smart …

: undefined reference to `mysql_connect’

February 11th, 2006

gcc -o mysqlclient mysqlclient.c  -L /usr/lib/mysql/ -lmysqlclient -lz
/tmp/ccllX580.o(.text+0x40): In function `main':
: undefined reference to `mysql_connect'

mysql_connect is old news.

I am writing a mysql client in C. Since it has been a while I am googling for simple templates, and only found an ancient one at first. Google likes old pages.
Then I found this example chapter of the Mysql book by Dubois. I read it, it’s great. The best book I know on the matter. By leaps and bounds better than the O’Reilley one.
Anyhow. I think there was a source CD. Maybe not. Wouldn’t it be great if you get the example code and reference material online. Of course people might not buy the book then. Simple solution: Print on every page little and subtle line numbers. The web site serving the source code would ask occassionally: “please enter the seond work of line 45 on page 315″. If you get it right you get a couple of more page views. Mildly annoying, but better than looking for the CD.
Actually you could put the entire book online like this.

A Book also makes a pretty good dongle.

and you thought 2 finger trackpad scrolling was cool?

February 10th, 2006

Right now they call it multi touch interaction.

The mouse was the best solution as long there was nothing better. Much like a rotary dial phone: It’s time rolling back to the initial position was a neat hack to dial numbers mechanically. A mouse was a neat hack to position things on the screen. Even though you moved something else than the actual pointer. Back then.

the end of Sony (again)

February 9th, 2006

Another perspective on Sony’s problems.
It is indeed tru that Blue-Ray has less bandwidth than recent DVD implementations. What’s the point in BlueRay?
Just the capacity? H264 compression will help there.

the yin and yang of google

February 9th, 2006

I don’t get it they must be too smart for me. I can not see how this would be anything that google would be doing and why this makes any sense.

On the other hand this makes allot of sense
Imagine you are a small company: You pay some MS Exchange Expert and Microsoft quiet some money just to have email. Most features you would want you might get for free via “caribou”. Or for very little money.

I think it would make sense if the service is free. Eyeballs pay for it. Support could cost money. Putting ads in
outgoing email would be a big ‘nono’. Being a small company you don’t want to expose that you use a cheap/free service for email.

Cell erie?

February 8th, 2006

IBM says in a press release that they will have Cell based blades in the beginning of Q3 of this year. “special bids” get them now.

Masakazu Suzuoki, Sony’s lead designer on Cell, says Sony aims to use this power to create movies that are interactive and changeable, with multiple story lines, so people will watch the same flick more than once. Another idea Sony is kicking around: placing ads in the background of movies and TV shows and customizing them to suit the viewer, with Cell processors keeping track of who sees what.

from here

“sure”, I say. It’s gonna be great! Just like those multi-angle DVDs. Engineers really don’t know content it seems.

How about a release date for the Playstation 3? Some parts of Sony still say “Spring 06″ others are very very silent.
Gamespot picked October 1st as a pre order date for PS3 game titles. They probably just made that up.

So far I have not seen anything that would let me think that Sony can survive the looming PS3 delay and
therefor change the fate of the certain demise for the entire company. The last sentence does not look much like english to me. Let’s put in another way: Sony is fucked. Any launch date before July 1st we should have heard about.


February 8th, 2006

‘dude, this is totally weird’

my clients and the superbowl

February 7th, 2006

In alphabetical order:

A52, West Hollywood
Honda “Mudflap”

Brickyard, Boston
Mobil ESPN “Sports Heaven”

Mac Guff, Los Angeles
Nationwide “swing” “gondola” and “proposal”
Hummer “urban techno”

Mass Market, NY
Sierra Mist “Scanner”

Method Studios, Santa Monica
Budweiser “Wave”
Toyota “Tide”
Hummer “Monster

R!ot, Santa Monica
Ford Escape Hybrid “Kermit”

Nice lineup of work. Congratulations to everybody!
No, I did not work on anything directly. My job is it mostly not to get in the way of the real work and to provide the tools so that the work can get done. part 2

February 7th, 2006

BMW thinks that 0.4% of their webtraffic in germany would come from google.

So they even has less of a clue than one would assume:

Search engines direct more than half of all web traffic.
Google is the biggest one. So despite their lame cheating attempt that got them banned last week they only get
0.4% of their traffic from Google? Somebody gotta tell these bozzos how to read a log file.

Most mom and pop shops in the US have a better clue about the internet than BMW.


google wants all your keystrokes

February 6th, 2006

had not seen ‘chat in gmail’ yet


February 6th, 2006

mandyc19 seems to be online about 320 hours a day.
She certainly does allot of posting.

First Sony tries to ‘rootkit’ people, then the german BMW website get’s banned from google for spamming and now Nvidia gets in trouble for fake postings.
Oh, I forgot all those wikipedia edits by people working for the US Congress.

It all comes down to this:

Dear stupid-big-company-or-institution IF you decide to go out into these internets and try to do some bad stuff, please don’t act as if you would be a stupid-big-company-or-institution. If you act stupid there will be people finding you. And yes, BMW, Sony or Nvidia: The internet will make you common laughing stock within 72 hours.

You will not have enough marketing billions to recover from that. The gullible you still can buy. But not the next generation: Those people know better and will not forget.

a car

February 6th, 2006

And what you can do to it:

Google video slowly starts to host all the things that mattered on those internet. This clip has been around for a while. I saw excerpts years ago.They will never sell any Videos over at google video, but hosting all this is nice nevertheless.

mail server

February 5th, 2006

Just finished installing a mail server. Using postfix, courier-imap, virtual domains via mysql tables, spam assassin, postfix admin and finally squirrel mail. Making the gory linux stuff got working was harder than it should have been. Probably because of the fedora core 4 distro I used. Authdaemon woes. Convoluted configuration files and compilation
options. Next time I will try the very same system with a debian install and see if it really can be done with a couple of apt-get commands.

But now that things work it seems to be very nice. ClamAV needs to get added at some point, and there are probably twelve million add ons for squirrel mail etc. But overall it works like a charm.

And running this postfix system means one less Microsoft exchange server.

blogspot offline

February 4th, 2006

Looks like most of blogger is offline from here and from where BlogsNow looks.
So I told the bot to stop trying.

I just hope that gmail is been maintained better than blogspot.
Then on the other hand: After installig a postfix server recently I might be tempted to
keep gmail only as a backup.


February 4th, 2006

super nice

Sometimes I really really hate the fact that I am always working and never have time to play with things like the above.

I wouldn’t mind building a decent jacket that would write things that were related to the persons position - or something like like that.


February 4th, 2006

Poor danish people. They are really among the nicer europeans.

Really: ever since the Vikings not much bad things came out of Denmark.

I wonder how many people burning embassies now could find Denmark on a map?
Probably about the same percentage then that of americans finding iraq on a map.

It really is the same problem: Stupid people and mental short cuts.

Sony’s clock is ticking

February 4th, 2006

Sony makes amazing technology. Their professional Broadcast division did a great job with the HDCAM SR. Only the name was a gigantic mistake: Much like a Porsche competitor would call it’s car a ‘Yugo RS’.

Branding for the “bravia” seems to be working ok as well.

But: There is no Playstation-3. And there will be none that you can buy this year.
Blueray sounds like Betamax.

Sony was always bigger and more important than the other consumer electronics companies in Japan.
It will have been this size difference that led to their demise: They are not what IBM was to computers in the 70s
or Apple is to the mp3 player market. Still they are big enough to think that they can push their own formats
alone: Betamax, Minidisc, MemoryStick, iLink (only the name was different), and now blueray.

Sony leaned out of the window last year with the Playstation-3 Presentation. They would need to deliver
this year. And I am taking bets that they can not.

Sad really: I loved those Trinitron TVs in the 80s. Nothing came only close.

what are these people smoking?

February 4th, 2006

Times Online writes about Google and their future plan.

Google buying dark fiber is reasonable, makes sense but is hardly any news. Going off in a tangent about google boxes and Cringleys chipping containers would be alright for weblog.

Newspapers are great. Many of them put great care in what they are writing about. But often with technology their quality is poor.

Years ago there were these big discussions about ‘bloggers vs. journalists’. The discussion is pointless. How can you compare a profession to literally everybody? It’s the usual problem in change: People apply the old categories on a new problem: It used to be that Journalists were the only ones that could publish. The internet allows everybody to publish. From 7 to 7 million readers. That’s all. Some people said that the credibility and depth of research would favor Journalism in comparison to bloggers. I think it’s stupid to divide things at this arteficial line. The article above is not a good one. It mixes facts with rumors and pure speculation and is not based on any profound knowledge of the matter.

Some areas of the press where never as good as some people claim it was. Now there is competition.
O google you probably find better information in weblogs then in newspapers. On other matters that might be different.


February 1st, 2006

but nice