what are these people smoking?

Times Online writes about Google and their future plan.

Google buying dark fiber is reasonable, makes sense but is hardly any news. Going off in a tangent about google boxes and Cringleys chipping containers would be alright for weblog.

Newspapers are great. Many of them put great care in what they are writing about. But often with technology their quality is poor.

Years ago there were these big discussions about ‘bloggers vs. journalists’. The discussion is pointless. How can you compare a profession to literally everybody? It’s the usual problem in change: People apply the old categories on a new problem: It used to be that Journalists were the only ones that could publish. The internet allows everybody to publish. From 7 to 7 million readers. That’s all. Some people said that the credibility and depth of research would favor Journalism in comparison to bloggers. I think it’s stupid to divide things at this arteficial line. The article above is not a good one. It mixes facts with rumors and pure speculation and is not based on any profound knowledge of the matter.

Some areas of the press where never as good as some people claim it was. Now there is competition.
O google you probably find better information in weblogs then in newspapers. On other matters that might be different.

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