Sony’s clock is ticking

Sony makes amazing technology. Their professional Broadcast division did a great job with the HDCAM SR. Only the name was a gigantic mistake: Much like a Porsche competitor would call it’s car a ‘Yugo RS’.

Branding for the “bravia” seems to be working ok as well.

But: There is no Playstation-3. And there will be none that you can buy this year.
Blueray sounds like Betamax.

Sony was always bigger and more important than the other consumer electronics companies in Japan.
It will have been this size difference that led to their demise: They are not what IBM was to computers in the 70s
or Apple is to the mp3 player market. Still they are big enough to think that they can push their own formats
alone: Betamax, Minidisc, MemoryStick, iLink (only the name was different), and now blueray.

Sony leaned out of the window last year with the Playstation-3 Presentation. They would need to deliver
this year. And I am taking bets that they can not.

Sad really: I loved those Trinitron TVs in the 80s. Nothing came only close.

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