mandyc19 seems to be online about 320 hours a day.
She certainly does allot of posting.

First Sony tries to ‘rootkit’ people, then the german BMW website get’s banned from google for spamming and now Nvidia gets in trouble for fake postings.
Oh, I forgot all those wikipedia edits by people working for the US Congress.

It all comes down to this:

Dear stupid-big-company-or-institution IF you decide to go out into these internets and try to do some bad stuff, please don’t act as if you would be a stupid-big-company-or-institution. If you act stupid there will be people finding you. And yes, BMW, Sony or Nvidia: The internet will make you common laughing stock within 72 hours.

You will not have enough marketing billions to recover from that. The gullible you still can buy. But not the next generation: Those people know better and will not forget.

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  1. Peter Says:

    You are so right! But how can you expect a stupid big company not to act like a stupid big company?!

    The world is becoming a different place - they cannot hide their lies forever anymore. The truths are coming out and no marketing machinery can stop that. They might wake up one day and ask themselves what the hell has happened and why their company went down the drain so fast…

    PS: Congrats on BlogsNow - I like it!

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