Cell erie?

IBM says in a press release that they will have Cell based blades in the beginning of Q3 of this year. “special bids” get them now.

Masakazu Suzuoki, Sony’s lead designer on Cell, says Sony aims to use this power to create movies that are interactive and changeable, with multiple story lines, so people will watch the same flick more than once. Another idea Sony is kicking around: placing ads in the background of movies and TV shows and customizing them to suit the viewer, with Cell processors keeping track of who sees what.

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“sure”, I say. It’s gonna be great! Just like those multi-angle DVDs. Engineers really don’t know content it seems.

How about a release date for the Playstation 3? Some parts of Sony still say “Spring 06″ others are very very silent.
Gamespot picked October 1st as a pre order date for PS3 game titles. They probably just made that up.

So far I have not seen anything that would let me think that Sony can survive the looming PS3 delay and
therefor change the fate of the certain demise for the entire company. The last sentence does not look much like english to me. Let’s put in another way: Sony is fucked. Any launch date before July 1st we should have heard about.

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