gmail: you suck

As much as I like a free thing that works mostly. Today google over did it:

I understand their urge for more money ( they are only worth billions by now) so they like to peddle their “google talk service”. At first I was mildly shocked when I had to click through their “there is google talk” banner page in order to get to my emails. I thought that would be it and I had gmail for years, so once a year one screen to click away is ok.

But now they draw a little overlay over every email address that the mouse is hovering over. How annoying is that!
If they don’t shut that of soon ( I looked in the preferences and it seemed there was no way to do that ) then I will get my imap install going on Or maybe google does not like to store 1038 MB worth of email for me anymore and they like to annoy me so that I go away? Either way, if this nonsense does not stop soon then I will migrate my mail over to my server again. That will be an interesting ‘pop3′ session: 1GB of email …

update 2/17/06: google stoppped displaying those pesky overlays. Glad about that.
Don’t really have the time right now to get imap going on my own domain.

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  1. blake west Says:

    For now, just log into gmail through the SSL-encrypted instad of the un-encrypted http: version. They have not enabled the web based google talk in the encrypted version.

    At some point they will enable it on https: as well, but you could put off moving your mail.

  2. Tom Becquart Says:

    Just click on Gmail view: standard without chat. This option is displayed below your emails. (NOT in the preferences)

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