samba samba-3.0.14a-2 and OS X 10.4 wont work

If you try to mount a samba 3.0.14 volume from an OS X 10.4 client then the mount will never finish / connect and you will get an entry in the syslog of your server like:

smbd[30115]: [2006/02/14 18:15:46, 0] rpc_parse/parse_prs.c:prs_mem_get(537)
smbd[30115]: prs_mem_get: reading data of size 2 would overrun buffer.
smbd[30115]: [2006/02/14 18:15:46, 0] rpc_server/srv_pipe.c:api_pipe_bind_req(919)
mailhost smbd[30115]: api_pipe_bind_req: unable to unmarshall RPC_HDR_RB struct.

The fix is easy: just upgrade samba to 3.0.20 and things work again. Fedora Core 4 comes with
this ‘bad’ samba, and only OS X 10.4 barfs on it according to the net. 10.3 is supposed to be fine.

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