VES Awards

The VES Awards were tonight at the Palladium in LA. There was allot of work out there last year. Nice to see that Framestore got an award for the Chemical Brothers ‘Believe’ video. DD got one for the NIN Video “Only”

The one-shot-4400-frame minivan sequence out of “War of the Worlds” got recognised twice. Well deserved I think. Most credit should go to whomever had the idea to realise a scene like this in this way.

Two awards were actually for work in video games. A bit eerie: The audience knows all to well that video games will take some of the money away from the movies that would have gone to visual effects as well.

The ‘bag-o-swag’ was actually pretty nice. Four DVDs and PC game. Do I need to buy a PC now??

Like in all these events it was nice to see so many people again.

And then there is one more thing. I will be writing about that shortly.

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