Version 108

Version one hundred and eight of BlogsNow:

BlogsNow has feeds. With a twist, of course: the title contains ‘BlogsNow’ to make sure that people realise who brought them a topic first. Links click trhough BlogsNow so that I can see where which links get used and scraped. I also add the time in the link, so that I can see how long links linger out there. There are more rss bots than ever it seems. I am curious where the BlogsNow rss content will show up.

I then looked at the css file and messed around. Some people would call that a redesign. I would never attempt to consider my css dablings to be design. If I can read the text on the page then I am happy.

The logo did not feel right anymore, so I got rid of it. Which does not feel right either. Maybe I will have an idea. Yeah right.

Finally I added BlogsNow in the list of links. Click on the ‘x links’ below the subject and you can see the link history. Where did a topic show up when. Interesting to see how BlogsNow compares to other trackers.

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  1. Tim Says:

    Thanks, it was great to see blogsnow popup back where it had been before, in my rss reader and on


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