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Sony’s stock price tanks. Merrill Lynch issues a pdf where they claim that the PS3 cost 900 US$ to make. Only problem is, that if you add their numbers up it makes 800, not 900. Sure, those people should really have my 401K money. If you look a google news you still find the 900 US$ price ‘news’ flying around that is merely based on one flawed pdf.
That’s only 100 US$. Oh, Sony said earliert they are determined to sell 100 Million PS3. Of course they will become cheaper over time. If they would not than this little pdf error would sum up to 10 Billion US$. I wonder if Merrill Lynch starts caring about that kind of money.

Back to Sony. They have a new
. Now it’s the industry specs they are waiting for. They are hinting in direction of HDMI. DRM of video IO. I was under the impression these things were all set.

Nvidia says it does not expect any royalty payments from Sony until the end of April. They make the graphics card for the PS3.

Other ’stories’ roam the net that mention 2007 in relationship to the PS3 launch. Sony has really a good chance to mess this up royally. Right now they have a decent trajectory to do so.

Instead of loosing more creditibility on launch dates, they should have discredited the ML paper on the simple grounds that it offered.

Ken Kutaragi told the Cell Chip developers in 2001 that he wanted the chip to be 1,000 times more powerful than the one out of the PS2 . Sonys speaks about 35 - 40 times right now.

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