Hummer Money

bands rejecting hummer money

Modernista made some of the best car commercials for the ‘Hummer’ brand. I am lucky enough to have worked on and around some of them. I think that the Hummer is a really really stupid car. But I did not reject the ‘Hummer Money’. Well it would be kind of weird if I would turn the servers off because the images on them contain a gas guzzling SUV.

I respect those bands for making this decission. But I rather would work on a decent Hummer commerical than on a shitty one for a product that would make more sense. That’s just me. Everybody has to find his/her standards here.

As these incoherent ramblings show it is a matter of that is still bouncing around in my head allot: Where does the responsibility end. How much influence do you have. Not an easy question to solve. Except for when you stand at the sidelines and never get asked in the first place. Then of course it’s easy and conveinient to say “I would never do that”.

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  1. Vicente Says:

    I really like the work that was done on the ‘Urban Techno’ spot. Could you tell me what the name of the track is, that is playing throughout it?

    Thanks & Great work!!!

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