LTO labels

A tape robot is kinda nice. Sometimes. In order to operate on several tapes you need to have labels.
In the case of the Exabyte Magnum 1×7 LTO robot it turned out that one sheet with 20 labels did cost 29 US$.

That is highly ridicolous. The fact that such a 10,000% markup scheme can exist is almost depressing: I don’t even want to know how many corporate drones order sheet after sheet from these people. And then it get’s hidden in some IT budget.

Don’t do that: LTO barcodes are simple. They are the ‘Code 39′ kind. I had to print them out with a scale of 122% (not
sure why and or if that was needed). It ended with L2, so I did that and the robot was very happy eating those selfmade labels.

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