Thinking another day about UMPC. It’s doomed. Unless somebody comes up with a killer application that generates a blackberry like niche this will go the way of the Newton. Just faster, since there are less hardcore M$ fanboys compared to the number of Apple fanboys.

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  1. Daniel Says:

    I’ve got a UMPC!

    50 minutes battery life, random Wifi connections, and you can heat food on the back (as long as the cooking time is shorter than the battery life…)…

    If someone could find a way to get the processor *not* to run flat out, that would help the battery life, but it loos like EO installed a BIOS in that was not fully finished in the power management department - also is a great laugh - the “Press F2 to access setup” on a keyboard-free piece of kit…

    Specific software needs to be developed, but I would be happy using this as a super email device, as you do not have to worry about memory storage, or the lack of document viewers (download Word, Excel and Powerpoint viewers), but a part from the media-center’ish interface, there is no other real apps there that are specially built to run and be comfortable to use on these devices… I am working on an email client, but still looking at the mail database format & technology…

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