A380 making of

The soundtrack is boring. The editing uninspired. The camera angles lack anything that I would consider to be good work. It’s seven minutes long. It’s about an industrial process.

And still I think it is really really great. I am a geek and I like technology. I spend to much time in airplanes not to care about them. Every new A380 will fly over my house once when it will go from the Factory in Toulouse to the client center in Hamburg where it will get readied for the hand over. I think that clips like this will have a great future. There are fans for all sorts of products. People care where things come from. And most things are being made in a very interesting environments. You think people would watch a clip how an iPod is been made? How workers in a google data center push a shopping cart with replacement servers down an ever ending aisle of computers? Of course we care. Enough people do. If Airbus would have needed to buy 7 minutes TV airtime then they would have not had a success at hand. With those internets that is a different story now. Different technologies have allowed content to develop and take new forms. It takes a surprisingly long time though. For years early movies were nothing else then filmed theatre performances. For years the internet had to cary TV movies and ripped CDs. Only recently people realised that the internet can cary different content than existing / older media. There are hundreds of new genres to be discovered. This clip is a good example for one of them.

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