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Somehow I ended up being a ‘redhat boy’. Just happened, in my former job, that lastest almost as long as linux was on the rise, it was nothing that I needed to do: Install and configure linux. I ‘just’ wrote software for it. Being freelance I know get to pick what I want to do and learn. Which is very nice. For the next two machine that will to clients I have decided to switch to debian. It’s all different, but ‘the head is round so that the thoughts can change direction’. At least that’s what Picabia said.

Debian appeared on my horizon once I had to move a site of a client to a hosting solution of their choosing, which happened to be Debian. They had to drag me there kicking and screaming. Everything was different. /etc/httpd became /etc/apache and so forth. It’s too early to tell if I really like debian. But things that are different seem to be better. Of course I missed


But a quick

apt-get install sysv-rc-conf

took care of that.

I actually have been bouncing around debian quiet a bit, and did horrible things to it (like compiling kernels that ought not to run, messing with raid, initrd and so forth, and so far it has been remarkably robust.
With redhat I would have not gotten that far so quick, and would have cursed allot more.

to be continued …

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