software could easily suck less

Lazy people suck. Specially if they code something that I am trying to use.

Today I wanted Apple’s shake to read dpx files that I had generated with ImageMagick.
The message I get is:

Dpx reader got an invalid or unsupported encoding value

I don’t mind the error. Fair enough. DPX files can have all sorts of flavors. I don’t expect shake to support them all. What is really really stupid here is the fact that the code finds a value and it does not like it. But it just tells you that. If the coder that wrote this would have any clue then he / she would have included the received value and the range of expected ones in the error. How about the actual DPX header field that this value originates from?
Takes even a moron only 2 minutes to code this, but it would help the whole user community and the coders and the support people to save countless hours.

Stupid lazy people.

Adding -depth 10 did start to create 10 bit dpx files. But shake still was not happy,
I ended up patching the header of the files like:

dpxfileheader.orientheader.XOriginalSize = 1920 ;
dpxfileheader.orientheader.YOriginalSize = 1080 ;
dpxfileheader.genericimageheader.ImageElement[0].Packing = 1;
dpxfileheader.genericimageheader.ImageElement[0].Encoding = 0;
dpxfileheader.genericimageheader.ImageElement[0].DataOffset = dpxfileheader.genericheader.ImageOffset;

and then it worked.

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