sony turns 60

E3 is on tomorrow. Just enough time to surrender some prophecies to the google bot:

Sony really really needs to show some impressive PlayStation-3 now.

I’d say that Sony the company has a future if they show working devices in a form factor that will ship.

But they wont.

One level down we get to see how good of a smoke screen they can show. Most importantly will be the details on the game titles: Coding for the 7+1+1 CPU architecture of the PS3 might be horrible. Just how horrible it is one might can deduct from the quality of the demos, and if there are surprise moves and shifts. This year’s E3 will be the first where the Gaming industry has to wrangle growth slowdown issues. Much like any other media industry the battle for human time has reached the section that seemed invinicible for the last decade: The digital lifestyle leaves not even enough time for games. And time is money.

Sony’s 75th birthday, what will it be like?

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