Germany had elections the other day. In Germany you actually make a cross on a piece of paper with a pen. That is really helpful, since everybody can vote. It’s easy, non confusing and impossible to rig. Anyway. They got rid of the social democratic / green government, and elected the conservatives. The new chancelor is a woman called “Angela Merkel”. Before the last chancelor Schroeder, the conversative CDU had been in power for a very long time. They had such a huge corruption scandal that not many people were left on their side once the dust settled. Mrs. Merkel got the nomination that way. But most people in all parties did not take her serious. In a way nobody saw her coming: After having won a very tight election she pretty much cleaned up: All established politicians that seems to be power figured for years are gone or on different jobs. Which, actually is a really good thing. Not that I am a Merkel fan, but at least she is an ex scientist. What did the US Prez actually do before he was a politician?

Anyway, she seems to be video casting right now. will be probably in german and, well, we will see how appealing …

Well, and then I tried it, and of course there is no real URL with media enclosures. Just some lame RSS feed.
IT people are such a pain.
If I can not subscribe to something then I kind a think that 90% of all people can not. That does not stop
people from commenting about this in their blogs though. Like me they all mumble around the meme, but don’t actually try the thing that they are writing about. Write first than read (Derived from shoot first then ask questions) .

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