in the meantime in vapor land

there are people connecting their red camera to Sony PS3s running Windows Vista

Red the camera
it’s internals would perform a couple of miracles if they would deliver on their specifications.
But the redesign is about the case. Great. Keep updating the case. The eletronics are the easy bit. Sure.

Sony PS3
If you make a 1000 chips maybe only 100 work. That’s called yield. In the end it comes down to cost. If you have a very complex chip this can be very tricky to manage. The Cell chips in the PS3 were announced to run at 3.5 Ghz. Rumors see them at 2.8Ghz right now. Which also would help with the heat problems the console will have.

Some kids have to help Microsoft distributing the OS via Bittorrent. Innovation from the outside.

Robert Scoble used to be ‘the Microsoft Blogger’ and got allot of attention. Technorati ranks him at #22. That probably will fade fast. How long till his tag as the ‘ex Microsoft Blogger’ fades? Much of his attraction was, that he was this voice from within the dark star. Now he is out here with us. In the dust of the milky way. And there are -by god- enough voices out there.

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