MacBook Pro: Don’t get one

The brief history of my OS X laptops:
Titanium 15 inch (thanks Jerry)
It’s hinge broke, as they do.
15″ Al was not out yet, so I got a 12″ Al. Small, fast and hot.
15″ Al then at some point. Very nice. Actually nicest laptop I ever had I think.
Leaving job and therefor Laptop behind.

With the looming Intel transistion ahead I got an iBook G4. Maybe that is the nicest laptop I ever had? The keyboard is somewhat noise and the screen somewat small. But apart from that I like it. Stays cool, white plastic not as fragile as the Al shell.

Two weeks before the MacBook came out I had to get a MacBook Pro. It’s pretty as the PowerBook was. But it’s actually annoying. I kept the iBook G4. Have them both with me. Weapon of choice: iBook G4 in 80% of all cases. The MacBook Pro get’s hot. It makes horrible noises. One seems to be the drive or heatpump and then there is that CPU! Disabling the second core via CHUD tools does indeed get rid of it. But isn’t it that I just bought a V8 just to disable it down to a 4 cylinder? Very annoying. And this machine gets ridicolously hot.

Ever since the broken hinge days I know that Apple will never own up design flaws. At least not as long they are common.
I am not sure about the MacBook as an alternative: The glossy screen is nothing that I would like, and they seem to have a very annoying edge around their body. Where your palms would rest.

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